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Now Hear This: Dead Dirty Dinosaurs | Too Many Questions: The Abbey Road Masters (Remastered)

The Aussie power trio’s darkly gritty alt-rock features a grungy, razor-sharp edge.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The Dead Dirty Dinosaurs are the new kings of alt-indie rock in the Southern Hemisphere. If you don’t already know, you’ll know. Obviously humble, but only until the four clicks are done, this Brisbane three-piece are nearly always stuck in top gear. This translates to a dead dirty live show and some healthy prehistoric slabs of noise to chuck on when you’re bored of sitting still.

Dead Dirty Dinosaurs are Brisbane icons in the making.Following a long tradition of powerful music coming out of South East QLD these cantankerous troubadours have been pouring blood, sweat and tears into their music and the result will leave you smiling.

Tackling todays endless stream of daily calamities and staying positive through it all the DDD’s songs of love, life, dubiously deadly careers and a sly look at our wild surroundings all throb with the “night out” energy that we’re all craving right now.

Three Jurassic music lovers who met in the snow fields of Europe but ended up brought together here by a force that can’t be ignored. A love of ’90s alt-rock, punk, post punk and post rock combined with a need to make a mark on a new era in their lives set them on a path with one goal.”