Rick Lee Vinson | Beer Is What It Pays: Exclusive Premiere

The Las Vegas veteran serves up a tasty shot of country-rock on his new single.

Rick Lee Vinson gets the job done on his satisfying new single Beer Is What It Pays — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

Driven by a toe-tapping backbeat and strummy guitars, the Las Vegas singer-songwriter’s latest track deftly walks the line between country, Americana, rock and pop, with personable, Tom Petty-like vocals sharing a bittersweet story about a hard-working guy who’s down on his luck:

“I walked in to Jack’s saloon
Looking for some work
I’ve been down and out
For so long
Everything’s starting to hurt

“I could use a drink
Maybe a smoke
But my pockets are empty
I’m already broke
And this is what he said to me

“You can mop the floors
Clean the can
For a couple of days
There ain’t t no money
There ain’t no tip
Beer is what it pays.”

Fear not, though; in the end, everything works out for our hero — he gets the job, gets the girl, and even ends up owning the bar. It just goes to show what hanging in there will do for you.

It’s a lesson Sin City musician Vinson knows only too well. The eclectic artist has been making music for decades. Starting in elementary school and onward, he has never stopped writing, recording and playing in different bands. After touring with the Rockabilly Rebels in the late ’70s, Rick began his solo writing and recording, honing his own skill sets. In the ’80s, he worked extensively with Bob Seger keyboardist Danny Watson, who played synth and sang on some of Vinson’s recordings. Over the years, Rick has toured with Tom Petty, The Clash, Black Oak Arkansas and countless others.

Check out Beer Is What It Pays above, hear more from Rick Lee Vinson below, and find him on his website.