Xocô Gives You The Capoeira Blues — And You’ll Be Glad He Did

The Brazilian-Canadian’s latest single is another striking, powerful musical hybrid.

Xocô boldly crosses cultures, sounds and styles with his powerful new single and video Capoeira Blues — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Fusing psychedelic rock, blues,and funk with traditional percussion and Brazilian rhythm, Capoeira Blues is the second single from internationally acclaimed artist Mestre Sérgio Xocolate’s self-titled album, a musical odyssey transcends multiple boundaries.

Known for crafting his compositions on the streetcars of Toronto, Xocô injects his original pieces with a unique blend of poetry, politics, and spirituality. In Capoeira Blues, he channels new life into powerful inherited rhythms, offering an expressive and electric testament to his inventiveness.

The roots of Capoeira Blues lie in the Ladainha-style song, which was penned by Xocô at age 18 and inspired by the crashing waves as heard from atop a coração de nego tree. This dynamic composition, sung in Capoeira Rodas worldwide, now undergoes a remarkable rebirth, enriched by a haunting Berimbau paying homage to Afro-Indigenous ancestors.

Internationally recognized for his music, culture, and education contributions, Xocô embodies the spirit of preserving Brazilian heritage while forging new musical frontiers. The video for Capoeira Blues pays tribute to Xocô’s mother Lulua, with the added generational connection of featuring Xocô’s first child.

Originally from Pernambuco, Brazil, Xocô is on a mission to bridge cultural and musical gaps. As a master teacher of traditional Capoeira, he invites listeners on a transformative experience, urging respect for Indigenous cultures, honouring Black heritage, preserving Mother Earth, and fostering unity.

Watch the video for Capoeira Blues above, check out Xocô below, and find him on his website.


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