Victoria Houser Can Be Found Down By The Ocean

The Toronto singer-songwriter recalls the siren song of her Nova Scotia homeland.

Victoria Houser celebrates her family’s life By The Ocean in her personal new single and live video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Toronto-based singer-songwriter showcases her storytelling skills once more in her new single, spinning an ode to the magic of her upbringing in the coastal town of Hubbards, N.S. Each verse pays homage to a member of her family and the crucial role they played in her life. “My family and the vibrant tales of our home served as the heartbeat behind By The Ocean,” she says. “Each verse encapsulates the essence of one of them; my mom, my dad, my two sisters, and my brother, all of whom played roles in shaping who I am.”

Not only do Houser’s carefully crafted lyrics reflect the tranquility of her hometown and the comfort of family life, but the musical composition itself — a clever blend of folk, roots, and country — further envelops the listener in the sounds of the coast. Blended with Houser’s warm voice and authentic narrative, the song transports us into a peaceful, seaside life. “The musical arrangements in By The Ocean sought to echo the coastal melodies of my childhood, serenading listeners with the sounds of my home,” Houser says.

By The Ocean is Houser’s second single from her new EP Somewhere Close To Home. The album’s title is derived from a lyric of By the Ocean: “In my final resting place / Please lay me somewhere close to home / Near the singing of the waves.” The title, she explains, “mirrors the emotional compass guiding these four tracks — a longing for the sanctuary of home, whether it’s the serene coastal vibes of Nova Scotia or the nostalgic comfort found in the company of dear friends and lovers.”

By The Ocean comes on the heels When You’re Sober, an upbeat, unusually melancholic and unexpectedly infectious track about the turmoil of a failing relationship. “Every song on Somewhere Close To Home carries a piece of my story, inspired by moments of joy, heartache, and the intricate threads that connect us to our roots,” Houser says. “By The Ocean is no exception, and the earnest new single wraps listeners in the luxury of coming home.

Watch her play By The Ocean above, sample Somewhere Close To Home below, and get closer to Victoria Houser on her website and Instagram.


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