Victoria Alex Shares Her Fantasy: Let’s Pretend

Until the Toronto pop-rocker can have you for real, she'll make do with the dream.

Victoria Alex plays a dangerous game in her obsessive new single and video Let’s Pretend — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The new track from the Toronto pop-rock powerhouse, Let’s Pretend features a hypnotic melody, a crushing beat and a killer chorus — all slung together With Alex’s signature vocals and lyrics that open up the “personal diary of a young woman’s experience in love,” she says.

“The song is about meeting someone and being infatuated by them, the moment you see them. You know you can’t be with them, but you pretend that you are,” Alex explains. “You just start living in your own head. It’s about that moment when you choose something unhealthy for yourself; you can’t stop. It really comes from a place of insecurity, which we’ve all experienced, if not with love, then with something else in our lives. Hopefully people will connect and find comfort in knowing they aren’t alone.”

People have definitely been connecting with Alex, who kicked off her tenure as a Mini Pop Kid before going on to being mentored by Boy George on CTV’s The Launch. Now she’s teamed with Toronto writer and producer Angel. “I am so excited for everyone to hear my music! It reminds me of the Canadian music I grew up listening to. I hope my fans will love it too, as we have all grown and matured, since I began this journey. I hope my music will still speak to them,” she says.

On the horizon is a debut EP that will showcase her fresh perspective on pop music. From her previous single Screaming to Let’s Pretend, Alex is unafraid to take chances, reconfiguring what we think we knew about the genre and cultivating her own new subcategory. The music is loud, and exciting, driven by alternative elements, intertwining Avril punk with vintage pop and rock. It’s a twist on what we knew and gives us something new to love.

Watch the video for Let’s Pretend above, hear more from Victoria Alex below, and follow her on Instagram.