Next Week in Music | Dec. 4-10 • The Long List: 275 Releases On The Way

Celebrate the one & only Ozzy — & the start of the annual seasonal slowdown.

Happy 75th birthday to the one and only Ozzy Osbourne. And here’s something else to celebrate: The weekly deluge of new music is finally starting to slow down a tad. While you blast the first four Black Sabbath albums (if you know, you know), take a spin through this list of the 275 albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week. See you on the other side:



A.B.E. | Marmalade Skies
Bryan Adams | Live At The Royal Albert Hall
AFI | Sing The Sorrow Collector’s Box Set
Franziska Aigner | Heaven / Hell EP
Brendan Angelides | Oxygen
Apaull | Fought And Won
Appalachian Winter | Wintermountains Rise
April Clocks | Ritual
The Art of the Sun | Imaginary Journeys
Ashywuff! | Slaughter House
@ | Are You There God It’s Me @
Aterrima | A Name Engraved In Cold Soil
Atreyu | The Beautiful Dark Of Life
Autómata | Heart Murmur
Daniel Avery | Drone Logic Reissue
Baby Keem | The Melodic Blue
Bad Touch | Bittersweet Satisfaction
Ball | Midnight Heat
Bam Bam’s Boogie | Son Of A Black Panther
The Band of Heathens | Simpler Things
Nessa Barrett | Girl In New York
Thomas Bartlett | Standards Vol. 1
Basbas | A Special Offer for Swifties
Bastards | Arctic Hardcore: Complete Studio Recordings & Rare Rehearsal Tapes
Natalie Beridze | If We Could Hear
Blu + Nottz | Afrika
Blue Öyster Cult | 50th Anniversary Live: First Night
Body / Negative | Everett
Joe Bonamassa | Black Gold Reissue
Joe Bonamassa | Sloe Gin Reissue
Joe Bonamassa | So, It’s Like That Reissue
Bory | Who’s A Good Boy
Boss Keloid | The Calming Influence of Teeth
Bound By Endogamy | Bound By Endogamy
Regan Bowering | Solos for _ _ _ _ spaces
Boyband | But It’s Goth Deluxe
Muireann Bradley | I Kept These Old Blues
Brainstory | Nobody But You b​/​w Gift Of Life
Breeze | Scour Grapes
Brigitte Calls Me Baby | This House Is Made Of Corners EP
Bring Me The Horizon | Sempiternal 10th Anniversary Edition
Mark Broom & Patrik Carrera | ZZZZ EP
Brothers of Brass | Trapadelics Vol. 1
Baby Bugs | Someday Soon Single
Spencer Burton | North Wind
Cardigan Productions | I Don’t Remember David Soundtrack
Car Seat Headrest | Faces From The Masquerade
CC: Disco! | Magic (Is In The Tempo) ft. Jennifer Loveless
Chameleo | Alta Tensão
Chamelion | Legends & Lores
Checkerboard Lounge | Roller Coaster
The Chronicles of Father Robin | The Songs & Tales of Airoea – Book II
Chuckie Da Square | Bib
Matt Citron | The Maze Single
Commodo Loquacious
Cromby | Viper / Moods
Cymande | Second Time Round
Daffy x Riko Dan | Wicked & Wild Remixes
December | Transform Part 2, An Accident In Favor Of Human Life
Dimmu Borgir | Inspiratio Profanus
Siobhán Donaghy | Revolution In Me 20th Anniversary Edition
Dream Drop | Acne Superstar
Dusk | Dissolve Into Ash
Dwelling Below | Dwelling Below
Dfwne | Digital Ether
The Early | Impatient
Ektomorf | Vivid Black
James Elkington | Me Neither
JJJJJerome Ellis | Compline in Nine Movements
E.M.B.E.E. | Rockstar 2
Brian Eno | The Ship Vinyl Reissue
Erika | Anevite Void Remixed
Fantasy Train | Fantasy Train
James Fauntleroy | The Warmest Winter Ever
Femur | Gritan
Jerskin Fendrix | Poor Things Soundtrack
Rebecca Ferguson | Heaven Part II
Fifth Note | Here We Are
Artie 5ive & Rondodasosa | Motivation 4 The Streetz
Chris Forsyth | Solar Motel Expanded
Fuzz Face | Communique USA EP
Kenny G | Innocence
Chris Garneau | Out Of Love EP
Gentle Stranger | Inner Winter
Genus Ordinis Dei | The Beginning
Ginger Wizard & The Peter Jacksons | Can I Choose My Own Psychopompos? / Hlessi
Girl With A Hawk | Keep ‘Er Lit
Golden Retriever | Nafasam
Alison Goldfrapp | The Love Reinvention
Mariko Gotō | 未来
Hackle | Haunted Nation
Nick Haeffner | The River Knows a Secret​ /​ Back in the Life
Sam Haft | Badder Times
Hard-Ons | Miserable Single
Dan Hartman | It Hurts To Be In Love
Have Mercy | Numb
Jim Haynes | Inauspicious
Warren Haynes / Various Artists | Warren Haynes Presents The Benefit Concert Vol. 20
Health | Rat Wars
Hitsujibungaku (羊文学) | 12 Hugs (Like Butterflies)
Hum | Downward Is Heavenward Reissue
Hum | Electra 2000 Reissue
Hum | Inlet Reissue
Hum | You’d Prefer An Astronaut Reissue
Iamliving | Nebra Sky, Part 1 EP
Idiot Gang | Freedom / Spiders
Idles | Grace
Salem Ilese | High Concept Deluxe
Illusion of Safety | Pastoral
Imelda Marcos | Agita
Infant | Sigla, Sone
Island Apes | Island Apes
Andy Iwancio | Better Living Through Femmistry
Jamiroquai | late Night Tales Reissue
Jaybexo | TBA
John-Robert | Garden Snake EP
Judicator | I Am The Void EP
June! | What A Life
Juno | Tell Me Smth
The Killers | Rebel Diamonds
Kimbra | A Reckoning Deluxe Edition
Kind Beast | Dirty Realism
King Borneo | King Borneo
Christian Kleine | Environmental Cure
K-Lone | Tasty003
Kryptoxik Mortality | Interdimensional Calamitous Extirpation
Daniela La Luz | Global Transformation EP
Lehto | Northbound
Lies! | Mind Pollution
Lilyisthatyou | Pop Music
Maggie Lindemann | Suckerpunch Deluxe
Lionmilk & Club Diego | In Float
Carl Lord | The 5 Senses
Night Lovell | I Hope You’re Happy
Ben Lumsdaine | Murmuration Without End
Lust Pattern | Stand, Scatter
Sheila & Des Majek | Green Leaves
Malú | A Todo Sí
Manginie | Countdown to Christmas
Barbara Manning | Charm of Yesterday​…​Convenience of Tomorrow
Maria | Best Of
Mars Red Sky | Dawn Of The Dusk
Tate McRae | Think Later
Miapénisz | Random1
Nicki Minaj | Pink Friday 2
Kylie Minogue | Extension: The Extended Mixes
MLRU | Constellations Deluxe
Molar System | Disc 56
Molar System | K
More More Jump! | Watashi Wa, Watashitachi Wa / Momoiro No Kagi
More Or Les | Lil Ole EP
Morfonica | Forte
Mott the Hoople | All the Young Dudes 50th Anniversary Edition
Mr. Nice Guy | Comedy Without The Funny
Ervin Munir | Broken Compass
Andy Murphy & Eli Bury | Girl What Ya Gonna Do
Musique Infinie | I
Natti Natasha | Kokorota
NateWantsToBattle | This Is The End (Slowed + Reverb)
Michael Nau | Accompany
Nebula Drag | Western Death
Necrotic Assimilation | Wrath of Logarius
Neoni | Bleach Single
Nikshoww | When Did I Miss?
NMIXX | Soñar (Breaker)
Nogizaka46 | Monopoly Special Edition
Nyrst | V​ö​ld
Oceanvs Orientalis & Tooker | Il Lupo
Odetari | Door 2 Dusk
Old Man’s Child | In The Shades Of Life Reissue
Oldpee | Je M’appelle Sidi
Oprhax & PONI | Inheritance
Johnny Orlando | The Ride, Pt. 3 Single
OsamaSon | Flex Musix
Osiah | Kairos
Ov Pain | Reliquary Of Dusk
Ox33n | Pussy
Pagan | Purpose EP
Palace | Part II: Nightmares & Ice Cream EP
Palaye Royale | Sextape
Panda Bear & Sonic Boom | Reset In Dub Vinyl
Charlie Parker | Now’s The Time: The Genius of Charlie Parker #3
Arlo Parks | My Soft Machine Deluxe
Richie Parsons | Rhymes With Rock
Pearl & The Oysters | Coast 2 Coast Remixes
Philippa | Latent Magic EP
Phillipi | Terra Gira
Phobocosm | Foreordained
Pink Floyd | Atom Heart Mother Special Edition
Pointe du Lac | Les Siphonophores Des Eaux Froides et Profondes De l’Arctique
Polar Son | Wax / Wane
Porcupine Tree | Closure/Continuation.Live
Portland Cello Project | Under The Mistletoe EP
Progeny of Sun | Throne of Desolation
Psycho-Frame | Automatic Death Protocol
Quedronol | Fioritura
Seb Radix | 1977
Rainbow Girls | Welcome to Whatever
Les Rallizes Dénudés | Baus ’93
Rari | Dissolve
DJ Rashad | Double Cup Reissue
ReMark | Unwell
Riding With Killers | Full Circle
Rise 25 | Crybaby Boy
Omar Rodríguez-López | Amor de Frances
Braden Ross | Digilogue
Leith Ross | To Learn, More
Rozen | Ballads of Hyrule Piano Reflections
Saasta | Black | Death | Doom
Sadgirl Belle | Sadgirl
Saint Rémy | Modern Art Gallery
Gerry Scotti | Gerry Christmas
Philip Selway & Elysian Collective | Live At Evolution Studios
Sentinel | Age of Decay
Cole Sether | Scatter
Set It Off | Parasite
7th Place | 90s/80s
Shyguy | I’m So Trash / Long Time
Six Foot Six | Beggar’s Hill
Skinhead | Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt
Sleep Well. | It’s Getting Brighter
Sombat Simla | Master Of Bamboo Mouth Organ – Isan, Thailand
Skinhead | Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt
Slow | Ab​î​mes I
Slowfoam | Worlding With Earth
Small Isles | Everything on Memory
DJ Sneak | Back to Love EP
Akai Solo | Verticality///Singularity
Spanned Canyons | Snowload EP
The Spatulas | March Chant
Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock | The End Of All Songs – Part 1
Stegosaurus | .ntr
Suede | Autofiction: Expanded
Swansea Sound | Santa Bail Me Out EP
Swarf Damage | Swarf Damage
Syn | Villfarelse
That Kid | Q.O.S.D.
Through Mists | Summon the Severed
Tokimonsta & Suzi Analogue | Analogue Monsta: Boom EP
Tooli | Secret Stash Vol​.​ 11
Pinar Toprak | Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora
Träd, Gräs Och Stenar | A Collective History
Trick Or Treat | A Creepy Night Live
Troll | Trolldom
Hugo TSR | Jeudi
Twenty Year Weekend | Two Decades of Darkroom Dubs
Uncle Lucius | Like It’s The Last One Left
Various Artists | Always + Forever
Various Artists | BBE Staff Selections 2023
Various Artists | Burn On The Bayou: A Heavy Underground Tribute To Creedence Clearwater Revival
Various Artists | Duploc Blxck Txpes 5.0
Various Artists | The Faithful: A Tribute to Marianne Faithfull
Various Artists | Get Your Genki: Compilation Vol. 12
Various Artists | Mawimbi, Vol. 2
Various Artists | The Santa Clauses 2 Soundtrack
Various Artists | Spectra Ex Machina / A Sound Anthology of Occult Phenomena 1920​-​2017 Vol​.​2
Vayda | Forrest Gump
Sonny Vincent | Primitive 1969​-​1976
Void | Jadjow
Thewalkingicon | We Are Memory
J. Wilms | The Fighter
Wings of Desire | Life Is Infinite
Winterhorde | Neptunian
Wrath of Logarius | Necrotic Assimilation
XG | Winter Without You
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto | A Shade Of Blue
Neil Young | Before & After
Zakk Sabbath | Fairies Wear Boots
Zedned | U Suck! Deluxe
Zi | Bedroom Songs: Death Wish
Lolo Zouaï | Crying In The Carwash

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