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Astrid Tanton Uncomfortable With Comfort In Latest Single & Video

The Kingston indie-pop singer shares a preview of her debut album, From My Eyes.


Comfort does not come first for Astrid Tanton in her new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Comfort focuses on a lot of uncertainty and, unlike the name, uncomfortable times in your life,” the Kingston indie-pop singer-songwriter muses. “It’s tough to leave something behind that was hurting you because there was some sense of certainty around it, and it’s a common thing for people to sacrifice their feelings for what’s comfortable. To me, that’s not OK and never will be. Once you can move into the unknown and away from the ‘comfortable’ with your head held high, you always become stronger.”

It’s insights like these that weave the 18-year-old artist’s forthright lyricism with her decidedly unique sound. Drawn to the craft from the age of three, the multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for piano, drums, and guitar has long embraced music as a powerful gateway to express her feelings and worldview in a relatable, connective way.

“I really wanted to let people into what has shaped me into the singer/songwriter and young woman I am today,” Tanton says of her upcoming EP From My Eyes. “Each song recalls and explores a pivotal event in my self-growth. From My Eyes means a lot to me. Not just as a singer, but as a woman being vulnerable and open about experiences that weren’t always easy, but made me stronger.”

Watch Comfort above, hear more from Astrid Tanton below, and keep up with her via her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.