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Next Week in Music | Nov. 20-26 • New Books

Mega Mac, ample axes, Bobologists, blues, Beatles, punks, Paul & more cool reads.

The Mac are ubiquitous, Jimmy shows off his guitars, punk and blues go to 11 and more. Give thanks for these new titles:


Fleetwood Mac Everywhere
By Mike Evans

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “One of the enduring rock bands in music history, Fleetwood Mac have been entertaining fans at sold-out performances for decades. Since their early days as a struggling blues band, Fleetwood Mac propelled themselves to pop relevance with the addition of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks in 1974. In Fleetwood Mac: Everywhere, musician and writer Mike Evans explores the story of the band and offers a celebration of their success with over 150 photos, song reviews, and interviews from over five decades of coverage. With so many talented members in this final, classic lineup, fans of the band or fans of its individual musicians will find this book to be a must-have keepsake.”

Messengers: The Guitars of James Hetfield
By James Hetfield

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “From the Electra OGV that defined his style, sound and attitude to the mythical MX guitars, the first in a series of iconic collaborations with ESP, and from his signature Snakebytes through his ambitious projects with renowned luthier Ken Lawrence, James Hetfield shares the emotional and technical elements of the chosen tools that have shaped his singular musical journey, including exotic instruments, vintage Gibsons, and custom one-offs. He also reveals many studio secrets, including the key amplifiers and gear that sculpt his tone and create his sound. Each featured guitar is accompanied by lush museum-quality portraits by acclaimed photographer Scott Williamson, exhibiting intimate details one can only see if holding it in their own hands, alongside Hetfield’s deeply personal reminiscence. Spanning more than forty guitars, ranging from the original battle-scarred road warriors to the trusted studio stalwarts and enduring tour favorites, Messengers: The Guitars of James Hetfield is a meticulously crafted coffee table book and a mesmerizing window into the mind and soul of one of rock’s greatest front men. These invaluable guitars have forged over four decades of music history.”

Nefarious Artists: The Evolution and Art of the Punk Rock, Post-Punk, New Wave, Hardcore Punk and Alternative Rock
By Welly Artcore

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Long before online streaming and even TV music videos, that were beyond the reach of many new bands outside of a lucky spin on the radio, the compilation became the most effective way to access, and be accessed by, the eager new ears and inquisitive minds of the then new punk generation. Nefarious Artists is a field study of over 500 punk rock, post- punk, new wave, hardcore punk, and alternative rock compilations from their beginnings in 1976 as major label samplers and live showcases of the ‘new wave’ through their rapid evolution into a documentary art form of D.I.Y. punk rock creativity and expression.”

Deep Inside the Blues: Photographs And Interviews
By Margo Cooper

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Deep Inside the Blues collects 34 of Margo Cooper’s interviews with blues artists and is illustrated with over 160 of her photographs, many published here for the first time. For 30 years, Cooper has been documenting the lives of blues musicians, their families and homes, neighborhoods, festivals, and gigs. Her photographic work combines iconic late-career images of legendary figures including Bo Diddley, Honeyboy Edwards, B.B. King, Pinetop Perkins and Hubert Sumlin, youthful shots of Cedric Burnside, Shemekia Copeland and Sharde Thomas and other Mississippi artists such as T-Model Ford, James “Super Chikan” Johnson and L.C. Ulmer. In 1993, Cooper began photographing in the clubs around New England, then in Chicago, and before long in Mississippi and Helena, Arkansas. She began recording interviews with the musicians, sometimes over a period of years, listening and asking questions as their narratives unfolded. Many of the key blues players of the period have already passed, making their stories and Cooper’s photographs of them all the more poignant and valuable.”

Paul Robeson’s Voices
By Grant Olwage

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Paul Robeson’s Voices is a meditation on Robeson’s singing, a study of the artist’s life in song. Music historian Grant Olwage examines Robeson’s voice as it exists in two broad and intersecting domains: As sound object and sounding gesture, specifically how it was fashioned in the contexts of singing practices, in recital, concert, and recorded performance, and as subject of identification. Olwage asks: how does the voice encapsulate modes of subjectivity, of being? Combining deep archival research with musicological theory, this book is a study of voice as central to Robeson’s sense of self and his politics. Paul Robeson’s Voices charts the dialectal process of Robeson’s vocal and self-discovery, documenting some of the ways Robeson’s practice revised the traditions of concert singing in the first half of the twentieth century and how his voice manifested as resistance.”

All Our Loving: A People’s History of The Beatles
By Richard Houghton

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “In the early 1960s, four boys from Liverpool changed the world of music forever. And today The Beatles are rightly recognised as the biggest act in music history. All Our Loving: A People’s History of The Beatles takes the reader back to Liverpool in the 1950s and accompanies John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr on their journey to stardom, from John and Paul’s fateful first meeting at Woolton Village Fete in July 1957 to the last ever paid-for show at Candlestick Park, San Francisco in August 1966. There was no YouTube or Instagram then, no smartphones or selfies. Concert memories were made in the mind’s eye and captured in fans’ hearts and diaries, their stories shared with family and friends but otherwise unheard. Beatlemania placed four lads at the centre of a musical revolution that swept the world. This is that story, in the words of almost 500 teenagers who were there.”

Bob Knows: Conversations With Dylanologists
By Marco Zoppas

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Beyond revolutionizing rock ’n’ roll, Bob Dylan became a preacher on stage in the late 1970s, won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016, opened a series of exhibits of his paintings, wrote three books, worked as a film director, and performed as an actor. Despite his decades in the public eye and vast range of artistic achievements, he remains an enigmatic figure. This book contains original interviews with 13 leading Dylanologists about why Dylan has remained such a compelling and important artist to the present day. Topics discussed are diverse, including his music, his time in cinema and his comparisons to Stanley Kubrick, his spiritual wisdom, and his award-winning poetry.”

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