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Abøn Caresses You With Her Talon

The singer-songwriter’s debut blurs the lines between pop, classical & electronic.

Abøn wields a Talon with gentle elegance and sophisticated flourishes on her debut album — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

At the forefront of the album are the Canadian-Danish’s gentle vocals. Her delicately mastered skill will captivate listeners from start to finish. More than just well-seasoned vocals, Abøn brings another edge to the pop-forward album. Her classical background is present throughout the tracks as well-orchestrated strings and expressive piano melodies flawlessly intertwine with catchy rhythms and well-thought-out electronic textures. Talon travels through beautiful harmonies bringing its listeners a sense of peace and allowing them to wander to a world of wonder and fantasy.

Born Lauren Pedersen, the all-round musician grew up in the Canadian prairies and studied classical piano and cello before learning a handful of other instruments and discovering her love of writing and composing. Before Abøn came to be, the musician lived out a successful career as part of The Willows, a Canadian vocal jazz trio. As the composer and arranger for the group, she showcased her talent in harmony arrangements. After some fruitful years of touring and creating music, she had a calling to explore a new world of sound, and from there, Abøn was born.

True to her nomadic and curious self, Abøn wrote Trust This, the album’s second track, during a time when she was jumping from country to country in hopes of finding home. During this challenging period, unusual doubts in the universe surfaced in regard to where, and who, she was supposed to be. But she surrendered to the greater powers, and Trust This was born.

“Every little synchronicity that pops up is something precious, reminding me gently, over and over, that I’m always exactly where I need to be, and everything, right now, is perfect,” says the musician. “To this day I am still on this journey, but I embrace and trust it at a much deeper level now rather than longing for something stable and secure. I owe part of that to this song!”

The single embraces more of a pop feel and shines a light on Abøn’s exquisitely soft and sweet voice, while simultaneously bringing thought-provoking lyrics that make way for inspiring storytelling. Abøn invites her listeners to connect to their own place of harmony within, and this is exactly what can be expected from Talon. Abøn combines her exceptional talents, extensive background and purposeful arrangements to blur the boundaries of genre and bring to life an album with a unique and inspiring sound.

Check out Talon below and keep up with Abøn on her website, Instagram and Facebook.


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