Tinnitist TV | Episode 109: Neil Osborne of 54•40

The Canadian rocker talks West Coast Band, Econoline vans, punctuation & more.

54•40 have been telling Canada where they came from and where they’re going for the last 40 years. But Neil Osborne and his bandmates couldn’t make it any clearer than they do on their autobiographical new album West Coast Band. In this collection of tales taken straight from their long career, the veteran Vancouver rockers chronicle a lifetime of bizarre shenanigans, odd dynamics, colourful characters and their own personality quirks. Simply put: If the career of 54•40 was turned into a Broadway musical, this record would be the original score. While promoting the album and playing a gig in Toronto recently, Osborne Zoomed in to discuss Econolines, bromances, visiting Studio 54•40, proper punctuation and more. Enjoy.