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Albums Of The Week: Cronies | L1V3 S1CK0 L0V3 F3ST

Some New York City cockpunchers take a grungy old flannel shirt from the ’90s, soak it in a filthy bathtub of LSD — and then shove it down your goddamn throat.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The formula is golden. With one hand, Cronies offer euphoric melodies and unapologetic bounce; with the other, scorched tones and unhinged vocals. One hand welcomes you in, the other goes for the throat. “I see Cronies as being the trainer,” says vocalist Brad Hoyt. “The listener is the dog whose nose we’re pushing into the shit.”

The balance of the catchy and the abrasive in Cronies’ unique psychedelic grunge brings to mind a blend of Helmet, Nirvana and Butthole Surfers, but bassist/vocalist Shea Glasheen reminds us that Cronies are a band of the here and now: “I definitely take some influence from ’90s artists but I’d say my peers in the N.Y.C. music scene influence me more than anyone. I think now, I hear everything I’ve been taught by my good friends. That’s what I hold the most dear to my songwriting.”

Indeed, Cronies shine amidst N.Y.C.’s current scene of forward-thinking noise-punks — bands like Show Me The Body and Venus Twins. Beyond N.Y.C. and above the underground, fans of current superstars Turnstile and Idles might very well find something to love as well.

Start with first single Rentboy. It absolutely captivates. Building over four and a half minutes, the song bursts with attitude and stadium-size hooks, spewed across a slow groove. A fresh, young take on ’90s stylings, it hits like a maniacal new re-imagining of early Rage Against The Machine.

As hard as Rentboy goes, this anthem is just one of eight, equally banging bangers. There are no misses on L1V3 S1CK0 L0V3 F3ST.”