The Grindhouse | Vantablack Warship, Striker, Dissona & More New Loudness

Find what you love and let it kill you. But first, rock out to these tracks & videos.

I don’t always listen to metal, but when I do… so do the neighbours. And so do you — if you’re smart, good-looking and cool enough to watch the videos below. And remember: If it’s too old, you’re too loud (or something like that):


Vantablack Warship | We Shall Not Sleep

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “If a caffeine jolt of java doesn’t do it for you in the morning, Montreal band Vantablack Warship’s newest video We Shall Not Sleep is the perfect wakeup call to get your day started. With its heavy, speed-demon riffs of hardcore thrash and groove, this is your wall-smashing ready tune to get your heart pumping. It comes from their latest album Last Of The Hardmouthed Poets, released in April. Vocalist Yannick “Pil” Pilon explains: “This is the first song of the album (after the intro). Big catchy riff which, with the drums, hammers hard! The second part of the tune is a big heavy breakdown which I repeat until the end: ‘Find what you love and let it kill you…’ I love it! It opens the album well. It’s a Charles Bukowski quote which we reinterpret as finding your passion, embracing it, living it to the fullest for the longest time possible — no matter the obstacles thrown at you!”

Striker | Best Of The Best Of The Best

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Canadian shredders Striker have launched a crowdfunding campaign for their forthcoming seventh album and fourth independent release Ultrapower, offering fans exclusive merch and rewards. Back in 2016, after early collaborations with record labels, Striker decided to become an independent band and after three successful self-released albums, countless tours, and festival appearances around the world they are back with a fresh slab of heavy metal. Vocalist Dan Cleary explains further: ​“We are stoked to be back with our seventh full-length album Ultrapower! This time we have launched a Kickstarter to help us release the album independently with some excellent exclusive merch and rewards. What makes Ultrapower different? After three self-produced albums, we decided it was time to try something new. Talking new-new. Like, why not go record with a deathcore producer? Yeah but who? Why, Josh Schroeder of course. ‘Isn’t that the guy who did Lorna Shore? Why would you go to him, isn’t that too heavy for you guys?’ you say. Guess you’ll find out!”

Dissona | The Prodigal Son

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Dissona are a progressive metal band out of Chicago. Since becoming active in 2006, they have become known for their diverse, imaginative sound and powerfully expressive performances. They take a dramatic approach with their music, creating robust yet intricate compositions with thought-provoking, often abstract lyrical content. Their latest work is a three-track EP Dreadfully Distinct, which takes a look at three Blade Runner characters brought to life through meticulously crafted, deeply cinematic progressive metal. The first single The Prodigal Son focuses on the inception and development of Roy Batty, the so-called antagonist from the original Blade Runner film. The band explain: “The track tensely opens with a newscast highlighting the release of the Nexus 6, Eldon Tyrell’s newest and most advanced replicant series to date. The band enters with an exciting instrumental section as Roy’s journey unfolds. As the song progresses, we experience an astonishing and awe-inspiring instrumental section that paints the delicate ‘C beams’ Roy pleasantly describes witnessing. The situation turns, however, as new energies enter his mind. A four-year lifespan is simply not enough for him and he takes violent steps to return to Earth and confront his maker.”

Frogg | Wake Up

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Frogg are a modern experimental technical metal band located in the New York metropolitan area. The concept behind Frogg is simple: Create modern heavy music while striving to show off some originality in an often-overprocessed genre. They released their debut EP A Reptilian Dystopia in 2019 and will have a successor in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, they have the signle Wake Up, which — according to them — is a metal song until it isn’t. It’s a song about changing your perspective on something you were convinced would always remain the same; your mind suddenly snaps and changes your outlook. It’s a melange of styles — the guitar solo section is riddled with authentic Afro-Cuban instrumentation and a pop-punk-style chorus. The band comment: “Wake Up is the first song written with Frogg’s new lineup and experimentation with world instruments. The song is the first of three singles that will be part of our upcoming full-length. As we wrote and played the material, Wake Up got stuck in our heads and we immediately knew we were cooking something good. It’s definitely tamer than some of our other upcoming songs, but the catchy chorus slapped in a way that made us want to share it first.”

Special Ops | Set Me Free

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Montreal’s Special Ops combine nu-metal, hip-hop, and Mediterranean elements resulting in new textures and sounds that blanket a wide musical spectrum of colours. Original and instantly recognizable, the groovy guitars take center stage with elaborate solos, framed with catchy bass lines and vocals reminiscent of the ’90s. Their forthcoming album Berean, due next year, is a 10-track record that is being previewed with a video for one of the tracks/chapters. The first chapter is track six: Set Me Free. The band share their excitement: “We present this with great anticipation as we always try to evolve with every new album. With this new album, we are creating a visual experience with the music. Set Me Free is part 6 of 10 of this evolutionary concept and an experience fans will be awed by. Be prepared to be blown away!”

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