Jaymellz Is Ready For Some Real Communication

The surging hip-hop artist has plenty to say to you on his heartfelt new track.

Jaymellz would like to remind you that Communication goes both ways in his smooth new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The surging hip-hop artist’s latest single is an engaging R&B-inspired track about the troubles in relationships. Communication fluently incorporates snappy hip-hop instrumentation with calm and infectious melodies. Drawing on memorable late 2000s R&B / rap collaborations, Jaymellz skillfully harmonizes the genres into a heartfelt anthem that effectively reassures listeners to address issues despite being afraid.

“I wrote this song when my relationship was stagnant,” he admits. “We weren’t really seeing eye to eye, so the only way to figure out what’s going on is through communication.”

Encouraged by his aunt to pursue singing, Jaymellz began experimenting with music at seven years old. After finishing school, he devoted his time to producing, rapping, and songwriting while releasing several projects for nearly the past 15 years. During this time, he created his own record label B.A.S.E, and collaborated with DJ Smallz, JStaffz, Queen Sheeba, Soulja Boy and Jharrel Jerome from the Oscar-winning film Moonlight. In his most recent collaboration, Jaymellz worked with Bentley Records, an international label based in New York and Dubai.

Check out Communication above, hear more from Jaymellz below, and open up to him on his website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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