Cassia Step Out Of Their Comfort Zone With Find My Way Around

The British popsters happily embrace change on their upbeat new single & video.

Cassia journey into the unknown in their optimistic new single and video Find My Way Around — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Succeeding the highly praised singles High Tones and Whatstheuse, Cassia offer optimism in the face of adversity on their latest track. Fuelled by bouncing, plucky riffs and uplifting, soaring choruses, the band display their signature joyful sonic lens and grooving rhythms. Explorative verses are a well-made match for the richly harmonic choruses, assuring us that Cassia will always find their way — and maybe we will too.

Find My Way Around is about embracing change and reshaping our mindset regularly,” frontman Rob Ellis reveals. “I always see it as if our minds are pliable like Play-Doh, bending and adapting to our surroundings, which sometimes is really hard. When writing the lyrics, it was going through my head about the times I’ve had to reinvent myself. It’s a reminder of the fluid nature of existence to myself, whether it’s redefining my identity or navigating relationships. I think this resonates universally, as most people probably encounter these moments at least a couple of times in their life. It’s a very poignant message for me and I’m really proud of it.”

Photo by Sebastian Berthold.

Complementing the single is the band’s second video shot on film, this time on 16mm, presenting a beguiling storyline as Cassia seamlessly blend retro charm with contemporary storytelling. The video is set in the picturesque seaside town of Tenby, Wales, following the bandmates as then break away from their mundane routines and open themselves up to the unknown.

Cassia’s second album, 2022’s Why You Lacking Energy?, found the band processing revealing a more vulnerable side — a dramatic but insightful change for a group known for their carefree attitude and sunny disposition. Since its release, Ellis has spent time writing in L.A., Cape Town, London and Berlin with a host of collaborators, piecing together the band’s new chapter while maintaining the band’s core DNA. “It’s the first time we’ve really gone out of our insular bubble,” he says. “Usually we would write alone in our rooms. Now we’re getting friends and different producers involved.”

Cassia have come a long way from their home near Manchester. Since their debut single in 2017, they’ve released two albums and toured relentlessly around Europe and the U.K. Their next EP promises to engage listeners and get people out of their chairs and into the world with a beaming smile on their face. Whatever comes next, you should be ready for it to do the same to you.

Watch the video for Find My Way Around above, sample more from Cassia below, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter.