David McLachlan Wants The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth

The Canadian folksinger takes a stand for honesty on his defiant new track.

David McLachlan calls out the liars, frauds and fakes in his defiantly powerful new single and video Gimme The Truth — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

From misleading politicians to social media misinformation, the Canadian country-folk artist’s new roots-rock stomper issues an attention-grabbing call to clear the increasingly blurred lines between fact and fiction. Little wonder it’s a highlight of his ninth album A Little Place I Call Home.

The 14-item release was recorded in Nashville at Beaird Music Group studios with a packed roster of Music City A-list session players and singers — including 13-time CCMA-nominated vocalist Lisa Brokop, Evan Hutchings, Eli Beaird, Pat McGrath, Rob McNelley, Luke Mosely, David Dorn, Scotty Sanders, Tammy King and Tim Buppert.

A Little Place I Call Home is McLachlan’s sixth album recorded in Music City; he finished his fifth, Heartache Motel, in 2019 just prior to COVID-19’s arrival on the world stage. “It’s incredible to think of how much has changed since then,” he recalls. “For example, I played the last show at The Bluebird before it was closed for the pandemic.”

Nashville has become a creative home away from home for the Toronto singer-songwriter, as reflected in the title of his latest. “I have looked at property there, and am toying with the idea of a place to call mine,” he notes. “I have made so many wonderful contacts in Nashville, and there are just songs floating around in the air. I find it a very creative environment, and the talent pool is beyond belief.”

Watch Gimme the Truth above, hear A Little Place I Call Home below, and catch up with David McLachlan at his website and Facebook.