XL Syndicate And Raene Move Until The Lights Go Down

The Toronto dance collective deliver a fitting ode to the glory days of house music.

XL Syndicate and Raene join forces on a groove to make you move until the Lights Go Down in their new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Toronto dance collective’s latest track is a fitting ode to the days of house music and warehouse parties that continued all night until the sun came up. They’ve retooled that classic sound for our current era, fashioning a song that could hold its own in the clubs of Miami, Vegas and Ibiza. But XL Syndicate say the genesis of the Lights Go Down was much more intimate — and revolves around the universal theme of seeking refuge in music and dance:

“Move till the lights down
Move, get lost in the crowd
Move, you can’t make a sound.”

“Recording Lights Go Down was a celebration of music’s ability to spark joy and unbridled enthusiasm,” they say. “We channeled our creative energy into infusing the track with an irresistible groove, utilizing a mix of instruments that amplify the song’s dance-inducing qualities.”

XL Syndicate’s sound is influenced by multiple genres including soca, reggae, and R&B — consistent with the group’s upbringing. “Caribbean vibes run deep in our veins,” they say. Clearly, so does their love of dance — and they wanted to bring that same spirit to floors around the world. Ultimately, the group put together Lights Go Down so that others could experience a similar release. It’s the perfect song to round out a long summer of raging.

Watch the video for Lights Go Down below, sample more sounds from XL Syndicate below, and get in their groove on their website and Instagram.