1000 Beasts Serves Up Cherry Delight With Tomike

The Cork producer and the angelic vocalist join forces on a tasty new track.

1000 Beasts treats you a sweet Cherry Delight with the help of Tomike in their new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

On his latest track, Cork producer 1000 Beasts gets straight to work on warming the room — a grooving drumline full of feel opens the track, followed by heartfelt piano chords and a twangy guitar. There’s also a whistling string line that sits above all else. When the glowing vocals start, they come into focus, with Tomike delivering a gorgeous lead that is decorated with angelic harmonies. The production is shimmering and glittery throughout. Relaxing and intricate, this track takes on a life of its own as the listener is transported into a world of their own, losing themselves in the music.

“I first met Tomike during the pandemic when we collaborated on Ériú with Body & Soul,” 1000 Beasts recalls. “After working together on the remix of It’s Like, I knew I wanted her to be part of my upcoming album. I sent her some beats, she sent back some ideas, and Cherry Delight was born!

“I love the track — it’s a perfect mix of our styles, bringing a fresh vibe while still capturing the essence of my earlier work. So excited about it!”

Arguably one of the most prolific producers to come out of Cork in recent times, 1000 Beasts debuted in 2017, with his first album coming in April 2022 in the form of Naruda. It featured collaboration and co-writes from the likes of FeliSpeaks, Célia Tiab, Lenii, Arthur Valentine, April and Orla Gartland and was well received on streaming services. The project works on a simple concept: One producer writes and collaborates with different artists to create music greater than the sum of its parts. This method has led to a sophomore album, set to come out in late 2023.

Watch the video for Cherry Delight above, hear more from 1000 Beasts below, and follow him on Instagram.