Olenka Picks A Purple Rose In Latest Single & Video

The Toronto singer-songwriter deals with the difficulties of long-distance love.

Olenka plucks at the petals of long-distance love in her new single and video Purple Rose — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“I recorded this single a while back, and it easily became my baby,” the Toronto pop-soul and trap-R&B artist confides. “It was written about a relationship I had in the past; sometimes you meet someone who just inspires a sound.”

For Purple Rose, that sound includes an experimental, playful vibe — and a lush video to match. The track eschews many of the traditional norms found in the pop genre — and quite deliberately. “I have a very particular taste in music, but I’m also open minded,” Olenka explains. “I would say I’m influenced by all music — everything from radio hits to rock and grunge. I listen to a lot of random music by underground artists, too, but I’ve always been determined to go down my own path. Ultimately, my music suits my soul and persona, and reflects who I am as a passionate, personal, and emotional person.”

While Purple Rose sets this tone for 2021, her previous releases include last year’s offerings Break Yours and Worth It, along with the 2019 singles No Game and Poppin’.

Watch Purple Rose above, hear more from Olenka below, and follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.