Slater Tries To Cope When Nothing’s Ever OK

A loved one's life-threatening illness sparked the Cambridge artist's cathartic cut.

Slater carries on even thought Nothing’s Ever OK in his powerful and personal new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

With rugged guitars and heavy drums giving the track boundless energy, the emerging Cambridge artist’s latest track rides the line between dark heaviness and hopeful optimism. The artist takes on the pain in the lyricism and portrays it to the world, effortlessly capturing your emotion with a passionate vocal performance that captivates your thoughts, transporting you into the same mental space.

“We all face unfathomable moments of despair requiring strength and mental stability when we can least afford it,” Slater says. “Nothing’s Ever OK is a story of a loved one battling the big ‘C’ whilst facing the effects of our crumbling NHS. Left with the choice of staying here, watching it spread, or going home and leaving behind her entire life in pursuit of getting better.

“This song highlights more than just its main topic, exploring deeper issues of cultural and political propaganda, spread by the mainstream media. With a global pandemic, a war on our doorstep, and people draining food banks, we are virtually hypnotised into believing nothing will ever be OK.”

Slater has sold out London headliners and supported the likes of Sheafs, The Virgin Marys, Brave Liaison, Jetski and The Ugly Club, as well as performing on stages across the globe including Andalo Rock Festival, Tramlines, R-fest and Camden Rocks.

Check out Nothing’s Ever OK above, sample more from Slater below, and follow him on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.