Tash Claims It’s Not Really That Deep

The Australian artist feels stuck in a rut on her new R&B / dream pop single.


Tash knows things aren’t as bad as they seem on her latest track It’s Really Not That Deep — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Australian artist’s new R&B / dream pop track talks about something that every person goes through: The feeling of losing control over your life, or feeling so down that you can’t get out of the rut you’re in to move on and gain some control back.

“I definitely struggle with my mental health and I can get very low sometimes, and it’s hard for me to snap out of it,” shares Tash. “All of my songs come from a personal place, and you can definitely hear that in the lyrics of this one.”

It has a more positive note in the hook as she reminds herself that things aren’t as bad as they seem. Both her voice and her musical style are much like that of Olivia Rodrigo meets H.E.R.


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