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Albums Of The Week: Big Freedia | Central City

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Big Freedia, the undisputed queen diva of New Orleans bounce music, opens a new chapter for the genre by introducing a fresh sound on her latest album. Set to captivate audiences worldwide, Central City features an all-star lineup of collaborators, including Lil Wayne, Faith Evans, Ciara, Kelly Price and more.

With her infectious energy and powerful presence, Big Freedia has become a trailblazer in the music industry, bringing the vibrant spirit of New Orleans to the global stage. Known for her dynamic performances and groundbreaking contributions to the bounce genre, Big Freedia has earned a dedicated fan base that eagerly awaits each new release.

Reflecting on her artistic journey and the evolution of bounce music, Big Freedia shares, “Bounce has been through many iterations — from Triggerman to Sissy to Cash Money Bounce — but my new album is something I call Bigga Bounce. Welcome to Central City, y’all, where I pay homage to my city, my roots, hip-hop, and to the art of creating a new sound.”

Building on the momentum of her previous singles, Central City Freestyle and $100 Bill ft. Ciara, Big Freedia has already garnered significant attention and praise from the press. The album’s third single Bigfoot is a testament to Big Freedia’s unwavering determination and resilience. In her own words, she describes the song as “a powerful anthem of empowerment and motivation.” With its infectious beats and uplifting lyrics, Bigfoot encourages listeners to stand tall, embrace their true selves, and prove any doubters wrong.”