Sherri Harding Has A Gift For The Lady Of The House

The Ottawa singer celebrates mothers on her sweet, heartfelt new single.

Sherri Harding shares her love for the Lady Of The House is her beautiful and heartfelt new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest single from the Ottawa blues-rocker’s debut album A Million Pieces, Lady Of The House beautifully captures Sherri’s deep emotional connection to her family and pays tribute to her strong female role models. It’s just one of 10 tracks on the album that showcase Sherri’s extraordinary range of musical styles, featuring memorable and attention-grabbing rock tracks and soulful ballads.

“During the early days of the A Million Pieces project, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Dick Cooper, renowned songwriter for The Cooper Brothers,” Harding says. “We discussed various themes, and I shared stories about my sweet mother and paternal grandmother. Dick returned with the magnificent song Lady Of The House, and the moment I heard it, I was moved to tears. That’s when I knew we had something truly special.”

Cooper’s significant contribution to the album extends beyond his songwriting prowess. Recognizing Sherri’s immense talent, Cooper played a pivotal role in her musical journey by encouraging her to step into the spotlight. In 2016, Sherri had a breakthrough moment when she joined forces with The Cooper Brothers to perform The Dream Never Dies on stage. This experience solidified her potential as a solo artist and laid the foundation for the creation of A Million Pieces. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Cooper crafted a collection of songs specifically tailored to Sherri’s unique style and heartfelt expression.

Sherri’s path to success has been paved with dedication and perseverance. Having paid her dues in the music industry, she spent years performing with various bands across numerous bars and clubs. From entertaining audiences in the Northwest Territories to captivating the Canadian forces in Bosnia, Dubai, and Italy, her unwavering commitment to her craft has earned her a well-travelled reputation. Even while juggling late-night gigs with her early-morning government job, Sherri’s passion for music has remained strong, propelling her toward this remarkable milestone in her career.

Watch the lyric video for Lady Of The House above, check out A Million Pieces below, and make yourself at home on Sherry Harding’s website.