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Next Week in Music | June 19-25 • The Long List: 375+ Releases On The Way

Summer's here — and the time is right for listening to a few hundred new albums.

As always, June 21 is the official start of summer — and the longest day of the year. What are you going to do with all that extra sunlight? Well, you could spend some quality time with the 375-plus new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving in the coming days. Either way, the future’s so bright you gotta wear shades:


Aahroots | Used Single
A.I.G. + Shaka Amazulu The 7th | Se7en VII
Thee Alcoholics | Live At The Piper
Devon Allman & Donavon Frankenreiter | Rollers EP
Amaii | In The Eleventh Hour
Anitta | Funk Rave Single
Anyma | Welcome To The Opera
Ativin | Austere
Aughra | Barby
A Very Special Episode | Freak Me Out
Aztur | People Pleasing Single
Chase B | B Very Afraid
Bad Manners | The Singles 1980-89
Anya Baghina | Anya Baghina
Baldruin | Relikte aus der Zukunft
Bear’s Den | First Loves EP
Jonny Benavidez and Cold Diamond & Mink | My Echo, Shadow and Me
Bettie Serveert | Palomine 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Big Freedia | Central City
Black Duck | Black Duck
Blackning | Awakening Rage
Charly Bliss | You Don’t Even Know Me Anymore
Florian Boesch / Malcolm Martineau | Robert Schumann: Dichterliebe; Kerner Lieder
Michael Bolton | Spark of Light
Bones And Jones | Love You
Janne Borgh | Fanclub
Dale Ann Bradley | Kentucky For Me
Bishop Briggs | When Everything Went Dark EP
Bueno | I Was a Thing of Beauty
Búho Ermitaño | Implosiones
Burner | It All Returns to Nothing
BusCrates | Control Center
Dee Byrne | Outlines
Cable Ties | All Her Plans
Dee Calhoun | Old Scratch Comes to Appalachia
Kirin J Callinan | If I Could Sing
Candlebox | Live At The Neptune
João Castellani | Primeiramente
Catnapp | Trust Remixes EP
Castle Frank | In Your Blood
Charley | Timebombs
Chung | Chung Shui II
Eric Clapton | The Definitive 24 Nights
Kelly Clarkson | Chemistry
Clot | Grief Tethers
Code Industry | Structure
Codex Serafini | The Imprecation Of Anima
Cogents | 06​.​25​.​982
Lloyd Cole | On Pain
Confusion | Storm The Walls (1990​-​1994)
Stewart Copeland | Police Deranged for Orchestra
Corvair | Bound To Be
Cousines Like Shit | Vivid Sassy Single
Crazy-JC | Crazy World
Cry Club | Spite Will Save Me
Dust Cwaine | 17
Mari Dangerfield | Eco-Fever EP
Danzig | Black Aria Reissue
The Spencer Davis Group | A’s and B’s 1964-1967
Isobel D’Cruz & Simon J Karis | Cassowary Paint
DeathCollectorUK | Death’s Toll
Freeman DeJongh | Dreadful Feelings
Departure Street | Then We Drift Away
Despair Eternal | Despair Eternal
Destiny Bond | Be My Vengeance
Destrata | Counterweight
Ani DiFranco | Little Plastic Castle 25th Anniversary Edition
John Dikeman, Pat Thomas, John Edwards, Steve Noble | Vol. 2
Dippers | Clastic Rock
District Five | Pause
The Domestics | East Anglian Hardcore
Dorisburg & Sebastian Mullaert | That Who Remembers
Double Anonymous | Double Anonymous
Thomas Andrew Doyle | Forgotten Sciences
The Dream Syndicate | History Kinda Pales When It and You Are Aligned: The Days Of Wine and Roses
Duki | Antes de Ameri
Carla Durisch | I Just Wanna Dance EP
DYL | Groove 15 EP
Jesse Daniel Edwards | Violensia
8485 | Personal Protocol
Ekiti Sound | Drum Money
William Lee Ellis | Ghost Hymns
Emapea | Beat Catz Jazz
Fear Factory | Mechanize Reissue
Fear Factory | Re-Industrialized Reissue
Feeding Pigeonz | Still Dreaming…
The Final Clause of Tacitus | The Oxygen Is Killing You
Sherry Finzer | The Warrior
Paul Flaherty | Wednesday Weld
Floor Cry | Slasher Flick
T-Model Ford | The Boss Of The Blues: Live At the Deep Blues Fest 2008
Fore | Skin
Forged In Black | Lightning In The Ashes
4DVision | No Element New Element
Martin Frawley | The Wannabe
Funeral Date | Out Of Prayers EP
Funk Assault | Minimum One Post A Week
Gadsby & Skol | Gadsby & Skol
The Galileo 7 | Tear Your Minds Wide Open!
Gate | The Numbers
General Jihad | Jihad By The Tongue (Jihad Bil Lisan)
Geese | 3D Country
Giift | TBA
Git Some | New Blood
Joel Goodman | An Exquisite Moment
JD Graham | A Pound Of Rust
Andy Grammer | Behind My Smile
Jenn Grant | Champagne Problems
Noah Haidu | Standards
The Half-Cubes | Spinning The Wheel
Andy Hall | Squareneck Soul
Albert Hammond Jr. | Melodies On Hiatus
Cory Hanson | Western Cum
Derina Harvey Band | Waves of Home
Hause Plants | Field Trip to Coney Island EP
Tim Heidecker | Tim Heidecker & The Very Good Band Live In Boulder
Gabriel Helewa | Sophomore Year: Heartbreaks
High Priest | Invocation
The High Water Marks | Your Next Wolf
Leanna Hoffman | The Text Collector
Malcolm Holcombe | Bits & Pieces
Honey Revenge | Retrovision
John Lee Hooker | Alone: Live At Hunter College 1976
Espen Horne | The Anatomy Of Serene Eloquence
Hozier | Unknown
Hudi | Holy Smokes!
Zé Ibarra | Marquês, 256.
Ight Headin Out | I Might Be Bisexual
I.M. (Monsta X) | Overdrive
It Thing | Constant State / P​.​C​.​H.
Jacks Flat | Satisfactory Intelligence
Kim Jaehwan | J.A.M.
Jahmed | The Prelude
Emily James | Grey EP
JeGong | The Complex Inbetween
Kito Jempere | Green Monster
Carly Rae Jepsen | Shy Boy Single
JJ And The A’s | JJ And The A’s
Johnny Moped feat. Captain Sensible | Tribute to Jordan Mooney Single
Naomi Cooke Johnson | Girls Of Summer
Ragnar Johnson & Jessica Mayer | Spirit Cry Flutes and Bamboo Jews Harps from Papua New Guinea: Eastern Highlands and Madang
Franklin Jonas | Sewer Rat
Ayron Jones | Chronicles of the Kid
Joyhauser | In Memoro
Kaballah | Spectral Ascent
Kacperczyk | Pokolenie Końca Świata
Jess Kallen | Exotherm
A.R. Kane | A.R. Kive 1988-1989
Karenn | Everything Is Curly
Key Glock | Glockoma 2 Deluxe
Kivimetsän Druidi | Betrayal, Justice, Revenge Reissue
Kivimetsän Druidi | Shadowheart Reissue
Kobe JT | Piece Of Mind EP
Kolombo | Nos Fuimos
Krashkarma | Falling To Pieces
Kubańczyk | W Zeszłym Roku
Emily Kuhn | Ghosts of Us
Fela Kuti | Gentleman 50th Anniversary Reissue
Lake Haze | Everything Was Melting
Graham Lambkin | Aphorisms Reissue
Graham Lambkin | The Cat & Bells Club Reissue
Dawn Landes | Bluebird 10th Anniversary Edition
Lanterns On The Lake | Version Of Us
Lyn Lapid | To Love In The 21st Century
Lastlings | Perfect World
Cody Lawless | Sunshine State Of A Happy Camper
Bobby Lee | Endless Skyways
Coi Leray | Coi
Yosef-Gutman Levitt | Soul Song
Ana Lía | C​í​clica
Lil Darkie | Pussy Too Nukemix
Graham Lambkin | Aphorisms
Linda From Work | The Night Is Short
Little Feat | Dixie Chicken Deluxe Edition
Little Feat | Sailin’ Shoes Deluxe Edition
Kedr Livanskiy | K-Notes EP
The Lloyds | Attitude Check
Lonely Cortell | Ferris Wheel Nights
Lost Desert | Lost Desert & Friends III
Lost Relics | Die + Cry + Loathe EP
Helen Love | Yeah Yeah We’re Helen Love
Loveboat Luciano | Parole
Lunice | Open
Lutalo | Once Now, Then Again EP Reissue
Madonna | Finally Enough Love: The Rainbow Edition Vinyl
Adam Mah | Year Of The Dog
Austin Mahone | A Lone Star Story
Mammatus | Expanding Majesty
Manchester Collective | Neon
The Master Plan | Grand Cru
Johnny Mathis | Different Kinda Different / Friends In Love / Live / Special Part Of Me
Ava Max | Car Keys (Ayla)
James McGowan | Reaching In
Madilyn Mei | To Exist With You
Membrance | Undead Island
The Men | Fuzz Club Session
Mental Cruelty | Zwielicht
Merkel | Hűvösödik
L. Eugene Methe | Maybe Tomorrow
MEV (Musica Elettronica Viva) | Symphony No. 107: The Bard
The Midnight Callers | Rattled Humming Heart
Militarie Gun | Life Under The Gun
Nicki Minaj | Barbie World
Charles Mingus | Changes: The Complete 1970s Atlantic Recordings
Mise En Scene | Reality Bites EP
Baby Money | Young N**** Old Soul 2
Monkymatik | Vivo en Polen (En Vivo)
Matt Monro | The Complete EMI Recordings 1971-1984
Vanessa Mood | I’ma Follow Single
Gary Moore | The Sanctuary Years 1999-2004
Jason Mraz | Mystical Magical Rhythmical Radical Ride
Róisín Murphy | Fader
My Absence By Now | Bliss
Nat Myers | Yellow Peril
NateWantsToBattle | Rise Up
NCT Dream | Broken Melodies
Casey Neill & The Norway Rats | Sending Up Flares
Bobbie Nelson & Amanda Shires | Loving You
Willie Nelson | The Great Divide Vinyl Reissue
Chitra Neogy | The Perfumed Garden Reissue
David Ness + nohumaneye, Obeah & Petru Birladeanu, Xqui | Zombie Baby & Colossus Dubs
Darren Nicholson | Wanderer
Nickodemus | Soul & Science
Niia | Bobby Deerfield
Nocturnal Breed | Carry the Beast
Jérôme Noetinger | Outside Supercolor
Jérôme Noetinger & Anthony Pateras | 15 Coruscations
Not Waving | The Place I’ve Been Missing
Salim Nourallah | A Nuclear Winter
Patrick O’Connor | Wu-Tang Clan 2 Illmatic I Am Better
Ofermod / Acherontas / Black Altar | Drakonian Elitism Split
Om Unit + TM404 | In The Afterworld
1000mods | Repeated Exposure To… Reissue
1000mods | Super Van Vacation Reissue
1000mods | Vultures Reissue
1000mods | Youth Of Dissent Reissue
Onheil | In Black Ashes
O’o | Touche Deluxe Edition
Orphax | Echoic Memory
Sara Övinge | Patientia
Jake Owen | Loose Cannon
Pardoner | Peace Loving People
Les Paul and Mary Ford | How High the Moon … Their U.S. Top 20 Hits
Pecos & The Rooftops | Pecos & The Rooftops
Permanent Vacation | Queen Champion / Caretakers
Persekutor | Snow Business
Maisie Peters | The Good Witch
Kim Petras | Feed The Beast
Phantom Corporation | Fallout
Robert Piotrowicz | Afterlife
PJS | Rainbow Fusion
Peso Pluma | Genesis
Pollyanna Blue | Trials & Tribulations EP
Portugal. The Man | Chris Black Changed My Life
Power Trip | Live in Seattle 05​​​/​​​28​​​/​2018
Sam Prekop & John McEntire | Sons Of
Tommy Prine | This Far South
Proppa | Boots N’ Cats
Peso Puma | Genesis
Pylar | L​í​myte
Pyramaze | Bloodlines
Joshua Radin | Though The World Will Tell Me So, Vol. 2 EP
Rare Americans | Strawberries: The Story of Jongo Bongo: Act II
Markus Reuter | Stream for Consciousness Vol. 1
Rhode & Brown x Kid Simius | Eurostar EP
Riders Of The Canyon | Riders Of The Canyon
The Righteous Babes | Maps
Matt Robidoux | Music For Aluminum Corn
Sonny Rollins | Go West!: The Contemporary Records Albums
Caitlin Rose | Cazimi Deluxe Edition
Rrose | Please Touch
Arthur Russell | Picture of Bunny Rabbit
Ryuichi Sakamoto | 12 Vinyl
Samiam | Billy Reissue
Johanna Samuels | Bystander
Sanam | Aykathani Malakon
Robin Saville | Lore
Scarlxrd | Made In Hell
Schizoscriptures | Forever Almost Me Again
Tom Schneider | Isotopes
Sabina Sciubba | Sleeping Dragon
Search Results | Flower Rock Rain Single
Kit Sebastian | L’Addio / Hayat
Secret Night Gang | Belongs On A Place Called Earth
Nathan Seeckts | Something Rare & Beautiful
Seek | Kokyou De Shiny Otoko
Selvhenter | Mesmerizer
Sen Senra | PO2054AZ (Vol. I)
Seriously | Built Environment
Sex Swing | Grade A Peanut Sauce
Shida Shahabi | Living Circle
Shakti | This Moment
Shizuka | III
Anna Shoemaker | Hey Anna EP
The Side Eyes | What’s Your Problem?
Sid Simons | Beneath The Brightest Smiles
Ahmet Sisman | The Third Space
Troye Sivan | Rush Single
Skating Polly | Chaos County Line
Eliza Skelton | The Lookerer
Sleepy Gonzales | Mercy Kill EP
Slowdive | Kisses
Slowfreq | A Quiet Sign
Nafe Smallz | High Profile
Elza Soares | No Tempo Da Intolerância
Annika Socolofsky | Don’t Say A Word
The Soft Moon | Exister Remixed EP
Soloi Sounds | Currents
Sommerbad | Finner Lykken
Soul Revivers | Shouting Dub / Furthest Dub
The Space Between | The Space Between EP
Sphaèros | Possession
Lucy Spraggan | Balance
Squitch | Tumbledown Mountain
Gwen Stefani | True Babe
Emma Steinbakken | Home
Albarika Store | Les Sympathetics de Porto Novo Benin Vol. 2
Straight No Chaser | Yacht On The Rocks
String and Tins | Stills 03
String Noise Sounds | String Noise Sounds
Amy Stroup | Since Frank
Subjects | Evolution
Substance810 & Observe since ’98 | The Lions Share 2: Gold Shillings
Swans | The Beggar
Sword II | Spirit World Tour
Taylor Swift | Cruel Summer Reissue
Switchblade Symphony | The Three Calamities
Tele Flûff | Niche Compartments
Telephone Friends | Telephone Friends
Pommelien Thijs | Per Ongeluk
Thrived | Bionic Gradient
The Tomb Tones | Ghost of Toast
Teezo Touchdown | Ended Up Being Me
Pete Townshend | Empty Glass Half-Speed Mastered Vinyl Reissue
Pete Townshend | Rough Mix Half-Speed Mastered Vinyl Reissue
Oliver Tree | Bounce
Trends & Boylan | Ninety Nine EP
Triángulo De Amor Bizarro | Sed
Trio Gaspard | Berlin Stories: Mendelssohn; Juon; Skalkottas
Trio Not Trio | Siguiente
Trophy Eyes | Suicide And Sunshine
Tsjuder | Helvegr
Katie Tupper | Where To Find Me
Kollektiv Turmstrasse | YAP Remixes EP
Tuv | Bloom.
Tuyu | Under Mentality
Twilight Muse | A Moment Out Of Time
Dan Tyminski | God Fearing Heathen
The Unknown Errors | Minor Movements
Upper Wilds | Jupiter
Terry Uyarak | Unnuaq
Vacant Voice | Cathartic Beauty
Valley | Lost In Translation
Various Artists | Growin’ Up Country Vol. 1
Various Artists | Prends Le Temps D’Ecouter
Various Artists | Stills 03
Various Artists | We’re An American Band: A Journey Through the USA Hard Rock Scene 1967-1973
Various Artists | Written In Their Soul: The Stax Songwriter Demos
Various Artists | Z Records Presents Ibiza 2023
Vexed | Negative Energy
Vivid Bad Squad | Moonlight/Machi
Vintage Trouble | Heavy Hymnal
Viral Sun | Viral Sun
Viper | Y’All Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Crack II
Andrea von Kampen | Juniper Single
V/Z | Suono Assente
Wallice | Mr Big Shot EP
Alicia Walter | Right Noise
M. Ward | Supernatural Thing
Watermelon | Watermelon
The Watson Twins | Holler
The Weather Girls & Martha Wash | Carry On: The Deluxe Collection 1982-1992
Whitelands | Remixes
Christopher Whitley | Describe Yourself
Wizard Tattoo | Fables of the Damned
Elijah Wolf | Forgiving Season
Al Wootton | We Have Come To Banish The Dark
Wye Oak | Every Day Like the Last: Collected Singles 1999-2023
Xasthur | Inevitably Dark
Kenshi Yonezu | Tskui Wo Miteita / Moongazing
Al Zanders | Stars of IG
The Zenith Passage | Datalysium
Zeyn’el | Divan & Divine
Mui Zyu | Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century (Expansion Pack)