Tinnitist TV | Episode 41: Jean Beauvoir Of The Plasmatics (And Much More)

The mohawked musician discusses his new memoir, old pals and plenty more.

Jean Beauvoir may not be a household name. But he’s worked and played with plenty of them over the past 40-plus years.

He was the bassist for The Plasmatics, Little Steven’s Disciples Of Soul and Gary U.S. Bonds. He’s written songs, produced albums for KISS, The Ramones, John Waite, Debbie Harry, NSync, Lordi, Lionel Richie, Glenn Hughes and more — and turned down offers to play with Prince, Michael Jackson, Billy Idol and others. He’s released acclaimed solo albums like Drums Along The Mohawk and hit singles like Feel The Heat. He’s toured the world with his own bands Crown Of Thorns and Voodoo X. And throughout it all, he lived the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle to the max — jetsetting around the world, burning through money and living in the moment.

Now, he’s gathered those moments into a memoir: Bet My Soul On Rock ’n’ Roll: Diary Of A Black Punk Icon. It’s a colourful chronicle of his life and career, along with plenty of great stories and inside info. The day after it came out, Beauvoir and his trademark blonde Mohawk Zoomed in from his home in Florida to talk about the book, life with The Plasmatics, what he learned from David Lee Roth, where he goes from here and more. Enjoy. The check out some of his music below and read a few pages from the book HERE.