Altered By Mom Are Waiting On A Sign That’s Already There

Toronto’s musical power couple offer another preview of their upcoming EP Ahem.

Altered By Mom are fully aware they’re Waiting On A Sign That’s Already There in their delightful new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A preview of their upcoming EP Ahem, the jangly Waiting On A Sign That’s Already There was inspired by “the utilitarian urge to joke about our own struggles with depression and anxiety as a survival technique,” says Devon Lougheed, half of the Toronto alt-rock indie duo / power couple. But the anxious joke was almost on them while filming their video — one shot was interrupted by a road-rage-inspired shouting match between a driver and a pedestrian. “Maybe the sign they were waiting on was the ‘walk’ sign…” jokes musical partner Gina Kennedy.

Photo by Cassandra Popescu.

Like much of their work, Waiting On A Sign… spotlights the pair’s knack for infectious melodies and classic songwriting, coupled with a quirky sense of humour and a tongue-in-cheek post-grunge aesthetic. Simply put, Alerted By Mom sound like Alanis Morissette, Olivia Rodrigo and Sloan chowing down on a party sub in the security line at YYZ.

Coming on the heels of 2021’s monolithic collection 52 Songs, Ahem — due June 30 — offers a metaphorical throat clearing, a demand for attention, and a command of the floor. While 52 Songs was a multi-course meal, the four tracks on Ahem are a power snack, like a banana with a Red Bull chaser, an amuse-bouche for the ears. Preview tracks Dive In, Everygirl and Waiting On A Sign… are compelling fun and introspective songs about self-belief, pursuing love, and embracing the weird and wonderful in life.

Watch the video for Waiting On A Sign That’s Already There above, hear more from Altered by Mom below, and visit them on their website, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.


Photo by Cassandra Popescu.