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The Prodigy | No Tourists

The big beat masterblasters harken back to the electronica glory days of 1997.

Turn down? For what? You won’t catch techno masterblasters Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and Maxim changing their pitch up on this seventh studio album. Or leaving their comfort zone. Instead, on No Tourists, the men of The Prodigy stick to their guns — and what they do best — by cranking out another barnburning batch of block-rockin’ grooves, grimy synths, buzzing basslines, shoutalong vocals and freaky samples that sound like they were penned at the height of the big beat glory days of 1997. Granted, if you’re looking for evolution or innovation, you’ve come to the wrong place, mate. But for those who know the lay of the land from their time with The Fat of The Land, it’s old home week, innit? Drop your drugs, crack your glowsticks and get ready to rave to the grave.