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Albums Of The Week: Tymo | The Art Of A Maniac

Hailing from, um, Edmonton, these world-class thrashmasters pull no punches and take no prisoners on the blazing workouts of their fierce and fearsome second disc.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Art Of A Maniac is a great representation of where we are at now!” says Tymo singer-guitarist Tim Tymo. “Playing live with other Alberta thrash bands such as Hazzerd and WMD has definitely influenced this record!

“It feels good to have finally written a full-on thrash album and it was good to take the extra time over the pandemic and make sure we were satisfied with everything! We pushed our speed and playing boundaries on this record, it’s really different from our last album Purge & Reset. Any fans of thrash metal will definitely appreciate this record and we hope it’s added to their collection. Definitely our most aggressive and most focused record yet!

“The album has a common theme of destruction and chaos! Themes of destroying to gain control and take over! Lyrically and musically the album moves very fast, we wanted to create a feeling of chaos happening all around the listener! We touch on subjects of mental illness, alien invasion, civil conflicts, social media, and substance abuse! We accompany that with fast riffs, shreddy solos and thick angry vocals!

Formed in Edmonton in 2015, Tymo also includes Nick Schwartz on rhythm guitar, Harlen Jacobs on bass and Marc Durie on drums. Tim Tymo describes the band’s sounds as “loud, angry, and explosive thrash.” Tymo are out to entertain their fans. “We love writing and performing, and we all share a common passion for thrash metal. We wanted to reference our heroes and mix up that inspiration with our own brew and see what we came up with, and here we are. We want to give people a source of inspiration and excitement!”