Next Week in Music | April 24-30 • The Long List: 445 Releases On The Way

All the music you'll be listening to in the coming days — & even more you won't be.

I have got good punk memories and bad punk memories for you today. The good: April 23 is the anniversary of The Ramones’ 1976 self-titled debut album, which changed the face of music forever. Not bad for an LP that cost less than $7,000 to produce, including the $125 paid to photographer Roberty Bayley for the brick-wall cover shot. The bad: In 1991, New York Dolls and Heartbreakers guitarist Johnny Thunders died under mysterious circumstances (though I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess they involved drugs and theft) in New Orleans. While you punk out this Sunday, bop through the 445 new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week. Hey, ho, let’s go:



Les Abranis | Amazigh Freedom Rock 1973 – 1983
Ace of Base | Beautiful Life: The Singles
Acidgvrl | Please Excuse My Accent!
A Cloud of Ravens | Lost Hymns
Afterglow | Stay Glow
Akaiama | Rainbow Six Strategy Guide (Demo)
Alcest | Les Voyages de l’Âme Reissue
Baba Ali | Laugh Like A Bomb
Hiro Ama | AO
Ruth Anderson & Annea Lockwood | T​ê​te​-​à​-​tTê​te
John Andrews & The Yawns | Love For The Underdog
Anna Of The North | Crazy Life Deluxe Edition
A Plane To Catch | Moko Jumbie
Arsenale | Ore Di Buio
Ascendant Vierge | Une Nouvelle Chance
Aus | Everis
Austere | Corrosion Of Hearts
Autobahn | Ecstasy of Ruin
Automatisme | Groove 14
Aversions | You Wanted The Bike
Baby Rose | Through And Through
Chet Baker | Blue Room: The 1979 VARA Studio Sessions in Holland
Vito Bambino | Pracownia
Del Barber | Almanac
Nessa Barrett | American Jesus
Martyna Basta | Slowly Forgetting, Barely Remembering
Baybe | God’s Favorite
Ryan Beatty | Calico
Be-Bop Deluxe | Sunburst Finish Vinyl Reissue
Bedroom | Thread
Belgrado | Intra Apogeum
Bell Orchestre | As Seen Through Windows
The Bellwether Syndicate | Vigil & Vestige
Bernice | Cruisin’
Białas | Newcomer
Walter Bishop Jr. | Bish at the Bank: Live in Baltimore
Black Coast | Black Coast EP
Black Dog String Quartet | A Thousand Times Brighter
Annie Blackman | Bug EP
Tara Bloom | Desire
The Blue Aeroplanes | Culture Gun
The Bluebells | In The 21st Century
Bnkr44 | Fuoristrada
Bondax | Energy (JKriv Remix ft. Andreya Triana)
Bongani & Doshpot | Fragments
Marcel Borrack | Telecaster Diaries
Braids | Euphoric Recall
Bruise Control | Useless For Something
William S. Burroughs | Break Through In The Grey Room Reissue
William S. Burroughs | Nothing Here Now But The Recordings Reissue
Jonathan Butler | Ubuntu
Mya Byrne | Rhinestone Tomboy
Wednesday Campanella | Rabbit Star
Casey | Atone / Great Grief
Chrissy Chlapecka | Alpha Single
Champs | Ride the Morning Glass
Chance The Rapper | Acid Rap 10th Anniversary Edition
Chanel | Clavaito
Chic Gamine | Bold As Logs
Solomon Childs & Darkim Be Allah | Child Famous
Chime | Aetherborne
Chrome Waves | Earth Will Shed Its Skin
Circles Around the Sun | Language
The City Lines | Analog Memories
City Morgue | Skull And Bones
Club Eat | Start
Combat Beach | Black Skinny Jeans Single
Ben Copperhead | Wailing Viridescence
Country Westerns | Forgive The City
The Cradle | True Colors
Cradle Of Filth | Trouble And Their Double Lives
Crimeapple – YDFWC?3
Crimi | Scuru Cauru
Crown The Empire | Dogma
Cupcakke’s In The Microwave | She’s Back…
Paul B. Cutler | Les Fleurs
Cyberplasm | Autogenesis
The Damned | Darkadelic
Danava | Nothing But Nothing
DJ Danifox | Ansiedade
Dan San | Grand Salon
Miles Davis | Workin’ With the Miles Davis Quintet Vinyl Reissue
Graham Day & The Gaolers | Reflections In The Glass
Dazegxd & Quinn |
Rudy De Anda | Closet Botanist
Defiled | The Highest Level
Dellafuente | Lágrimas Pa Otro Día
Indigo De Souza | All Of This Will End
Destroy Lonely | If Looks Could Kill
Deuce | Wild Type
D3U5E | Odyssey
Diplo | Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 2: Swamp Savant
DJ Of Da Village & Young Shushu & Ghost Boy | Birdz
D-Loc | Made For Kings
Damien Done | Total Power
Dorio | Strawberry Dream
Simon Doty | Universal Language
Draag | Dark Fire Heresy
Dragon Inn 3 | Trade Secrets
Droneroom | Secondhand Failures
During | During
Flora Eallin | Leagus
The Eating Cave | The Miscalculation
E-Fluent & Reckonize Real | Broken King’s II
Elephant Rifle | Broken Water
Elkka | DJ​-​Kicks Mixtape
Elvenking | Reader Of The Runes: Rapture
Avalon Emerson & The Charm | Avalon Emerson & The Charm
Emissary | Emissary
Tommy Emmanuel | Accomplice Two
Enchantya | Cerberus
Enforced | War Remains
Ensemble 0 | Jojoni
Eomac | Water Tracks
Charles Esten | A Little Right Now
Eumig | Four Quarters
Factor X | Radio DAda
Fatuous Rump | I Am At Your Disposal
Nick Finzer | Dreams, Visions, Illusions
Fires In The Distance | Air Not Meant For Us
Izo FitzRoy | A Good Woman
Flu-Band | Fly Reissue
Freddy Fresh | Iman
Fromjoy | Fromjoy
Fugitive | Maniac EP Vinyl
Maxine Funke | River Said
Fuzzybrains | All The Time Single
Gabriels | Angels & Queens Part II
Neil Gaiman & FourPlay String Quartet | Signs Of Life
Gabi Garbutt | The Creation Of Birds
Neggy Gemmy | CBD Reiki Moonbeam
Giant Rooks | Spotify Singles
Giorgi Gigashvili | Meeting My Shadow
Gigi | How to Catch a Falling Knife EP
Giöbia | Acid Disorder
Give Heart Records | Bye Bye Yesterday Single
Gjon’s Tears | The Game
Glaive | As If Single
Jess Glynne | Silly Me
The God in Hackney | The World in Air Quotes
Bobcat Goldthwait | Soldier for Christ
Graveworm | Killing Innocence
deVon Russell Gray, Nathan Hanson, Davu Seru | We Sick
Great Lake Swimmers | Uncertain Country
Guest Singer | Divine Psychic Hotline EP
Mark Guiliana | Mischief
Gundersen/Meyer | Memory Silo
Hackedepicciotto | The Current Reissue
Hackedepicciotto | Menetekel Reissue
Hackedepicciotto | Perseverantia Reissue
Ryan Hamilton | Haunted By The Holy Ghost
Harriette | I Heart The Internet EP
Harrison | Birds, Bees, The Clouds & The Trees
Dave Hause | Drive It Like It’s Stolen
Hawkwind | The Future Never Waits
Hayfitz | Music Room Single
Hearts Apart | Bang! Wrong Again EP
Heather is Growing | Heather is Growing EP
Tim Hecker | No Highs
Heel Turn | Glamorous Void
Helicon | God Intentions
G Herbo | Strictly 4 My Fans 2
Hollywood Undead | Hotel Kalifornia Deluxe
Dee Holt | I’ll Be There EP
Niall Horan | Meltdown
Hot Mondy | Best Laid Plans
Steve Howe | Tomorrow: Permanent Dream
Sami Hurmerinta | Sami Hurmerinta Reissue
Iced Earth | Hellrider EP
Iced Earth | I Walk Among You EP
Giuseppe Ielasi | Down On Darkened Meetings
Ignea | Dreams of Lands Unseen
Ill Bill | Billy
Illenium | Illenium
Toh Imago | Refuge Remixes
Imminence | Heaven In Hiding Deluxe Edition
InHappy | I’m So Lonely
Inkfields | The Third Side Of The Coin
Nabihah Iqbal | Dreamer
Ironmaster | Weapons Of Spiritual Carnage
Ayumi Ishito | Ayumi Ishito & The Spacemen, Vol. 2
James Ivy | Everything Perfect EP
Eddie Japan | Pop Fiction
Jharrel Jerome | Rap Pack
JFDR | Museum
JFliz X Chuck Chan | Space Dust
Morton Jones | Soaring EP
Rickie Lee Jones | Pieces Of Treasure
Sass Jordan | Live In New York Ninety-Four
Zoe Sky Jordan | Selfish
Joseph | The Sun
Judge Dread | The Skinhead Reggae Albums 1972-76
Jungstötter | One Star
Kamauu | Lacuna In The House Of Mirrors
Kaminski | Black Salad
Paul Kelly | Poetry
Mat Kerekes | You Look Like a Stranger
Kero Kero Bonito | Intro Bonito
Kill Bill: The Rapper | Fullmetal Kaiju
King Yosef | An Underlying Hum
King’s X | In the New Age: The Atlantic Recordings 1988-1995
KKbutterfly27xx | Nana
Clarion Knell | Abyss Of Fear
Kobudai | Kobudai
Kœnig | 1 Above Minus Underground
Koi | If Anything
Babsy Konate | Tounga
Labrinth | Ends & Begins
Lakes | Elysian Skies
Domenico Lancellotti | Sramba
Lau Nau | 5 x 4
Lawn Chair | Eat The Beans And Wear tThe Jeans! EP
Leagus | Flora Eallin
Jim Legxacy | HNPM
Coi Leray | Bops Single
Coi Leray | My Body Single
Don Letts | Outta Sync
Greta Levska | Enter The Glove Box EP
Lisa/Liza | Breaking and Mending
Mira Ló | Memories
Sun Lo | Shapes In My Head
David Lord | Forest Standards Vol. 3
The Lottery Winners | Anxiety Replacement Therapy
Love And Rockets | Earth, Sun, Moon Vinyl Reissue
Love And Rockets | Love And Rockets Vinyl Reissue
Lovetempo | Lovetempo
Lumière | Glam
Lunar Bird | The Birthday Party
Lunar Chamber | Shambhallic Vibrations
Luvzee | Vakságból Kiérve
Erica Dawn Lyle | Sympoiesis
Magic Wands | Time EP
Taj Mahal | Savoy
Male Tears | Krypt
Malinda | It’s All True
Matt Maltese | Driving Just To Drive
Mars Red Sky | Mars Red Sky & Queen Of The Meadow EP
Glen Matlock | Consequences Coming
Matthewdavid | Mycelium Music
Mitchell Matthews | The Power Within
Matuê | Conexões de Máfia (ft. Rich The Kid) Single
Eamon McGrath & The Hills Mover | Roaming EP
Medasin | Always in a Hurry
The Medea Project | Reflections
MeeeZ | Blue Album
Megafauna | Olympico
Madilyn Mei | Sleeping In The Kitchen (ft. Addison Grace) Single
Tom Meighan | The Reckoning
Tobias Meinhart & Berlin People | Dark Horse
Melati ESP | Hipernatural
Melt Motif | Particles. Death Objective
Messa | Live At Roadburn
Savvas Metaxas | Magnetic Loops III
Buddy Miles | Buddy Miles Live / A Message For The People Reissue
Bea Miller | This Call Is Coming From Inside The House
Thelonious Monk & John Coltrane | Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane Reissue
Mono | Heaven Vol. 1
Kip Moore | Damn Love
Moreish Idols | Lock Eyes And Collide EP
Morgan And The Organ Donors | M.O.D.s
Moscoman | Rob The Plants EP
The Morlocks | Play Chess Reissue
Morwan | Svitaye, Palaye
Mushroom Giant | In A Forest
Mute Duo | 5amSky
MV Killa | Fede
Nala | Growth
The National | First Two Pages Of Frankenstein
Tracy Nelson | Life Don’t Miss Nobody
Necronomicon | Constant To Death
Neev | Katherine
Deb Never | Thank You For Attending EP
New Man | The New New Man
Nines | Crop Circle 2
DJ Nio X Killawea | İstanbul Tur​ş​u Suyu: #MammaLiTurki Beat Tape Chapter 3
Numeron | Road To Valhalla
Ryan Oakes | Wake Up
Octave One | Never On Sunday Deluxe Edition
Ocular Trauma | The Dissection of Tragedy EP
The Odd | Where The Sun Is Shining
Odz | Ett Anständigt Liv
OK Cool | Fawn EP
Joy Oladokun | Proof of Life
Old Dirty Buzzard | What A Weird Hill To Die On
Ondfødt | Det Österbottniska M​ö​rkret
OneShotAce | Big Threat
The Orb | Prism
Orchid Dealer | Soft Reactions In The Sun
Bill Orcutt | Jump On It
Original God | The Beast That Shouted Love At The Heart Of The World
Orsak:Oslo | In Irons
Orti | Red Gardens EP
Painted Faces | Normal Street
Griffen Palmer | Unlearn
Micall Parknsun | Still…
Peach PRC | Manic Dream Pixie EP
Skinny Pelembe | Hardly The Same Snake
Umberto Petrin | Everybody Dance: The Music Of Chic
Photo Ops | Burns Bright
Yunè Pinku | Babylon IX EP
Planning For Burial | Matawan – Collected Works 2010​-​2014 Volume 2
Plastic Presidents | Good Times Can’t Last
Popsicko | Off To A Bad Start Vinyl Reissue
David Preston | Purple / Black Vol. 1
Raised on TV | Strangers in Pictures
Reckonize Real & E-Fluent | Broken King’s II
Red Cai | Näe Bliss
Redshift | Laws Of Entropy
Lasse Reinströem | Reinströem
Reverend And The Makers | Heatwave In The Cold North
Bebe Rexha | Bebe
Freya Ridings | Blood Orange
The Rifters | The Enchanted World
Manja Ristić | Awakenings
Josh Ritter | Spectral Lines
Riverhead | Cancer
Robbing Millions | R​ê​ve Party
Smokey Robinson | Gasms
Rocket Science | The Only Way Is Up
Roselia | Throne Of Rose
Dan Rosenboom | Polarity
Ross The Boss | Legacy Of Blood, Fire & Steel
Rudimental | Home 10th Anniversary Edition
Ruff Majik | Elektrik Ram
Runemagick | Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind
Rush | Signals 40th Anniversary Edition
Benjamin Russell | Frontier
Russian Linesman | But Now We’re Not In The Dark (ft. Maps)
Gianni Safred | Electronic Designs
Taiko Saito | Tears Of A Cloud
Samiam | Samiam
Pharaoh Sanders | Black Unity Vinyl Reissue
Cash Savage And The Last Drinks | So This Is Love
Savage Existence | Savage Existence
Schacke | Synchronized Breathing
Scratchclart & Menzi | Beyond Gqom & Grime
Screaming Bones | And It’ll All Be Good
Marina Sena | Vício Inerente
Seventeen | FML. (A Version)
The Shadow | The Lurking Shadow EP
Tony Shhnow | Love Streak
Shordie Shordie | A Life For Two
Siamese Elephants | There Goes The Sun
Scot Sier | Space And Other Things
Silver Moth | Black Bay
Single Mothers | Roy
Mariee Siou | Circle Of Signs EP
Skawt | Wake Up!!
Skiifall | Woiiyoie Tapes Vol. 2 EP
Young King Slaton | There’s No Turning Back (Earth Day) Single
Sleepsculptor | Venerate
Nate Smith | Nate Smith
Anna Smyrk | Cortisol and Blue Light
Sock | Sock
Soft Machine | The Dutch Lesson
Soul Central | The Walk (Deeper Dub)
Spanish Love Songs | Doom & Gloom Sessions
Spider Gang | Spider Gang Is Chinese Propaganda
Splatoon | Splatune 3
Spotlights | Alchemy For The Dead
Lucy Spraggan | Balance
Stalewhale | I Am Chaos, Chaos Is Me
Jordan Stanley | A Cry For The Moon
Andrew Star | Attention Single
Stellar Corpses | Murderville
Shakin’ Stevens | Re-Set
The Jon Stickley Trio | Meantime’s Up
Stephen Stills | Live At Berkeley 1971
Stonebwoy | 5th Dimension
The Stone Eye | Fata Morgana
Subheim | Raeon
Summrs | ##Ghost
Susanne Sundfør | Blómi
Sunfruits | One Degree
Supercollider | Once, But Never Again
Superheaven | Jar 10th Anniversary Edition
Rajna Swaminathan | Apertures
Cole Swindell | Stereotype Broken Deluxe Edition
Taichu | Rawr
Tamarisk | Plays A Word For Wind
Teenage Bottlerocket | So Dumb​/​So Stoked EP
Teen Daze | Fountains Of The World EP
Teramaze | Dalla Volta
Terr | Consciousness As A State Of Matter
Terrible Sons | The Raft Is Not the Shore
Terveet Kädet | TK-Pop 1980-1989 Reissue
These Hand Melt | Ephemeral
30 Seconds To Pluto | Tomorrow Is The Beginning Of The Rest Of Your Life
The 3 Clubmen | Aviatrix
Tin Man | Arles
Tiny Ruins | Ceremony
Amon Tobin, Two Fingers, and Cujo | Nomark Selects V. 1
Tolerance | Anonym Reissue
Tolerance | Divin Reissue
Tomten | Artichoke
Tom Trago | Deco
Joey Trap | Barf
Trhä / Sanguine Wounds | Trhä / Sanguine Wounds
Triptides | Starlight
Travis Tritt | Proud Of The Country
Tunic | Wrong Dream
Adrinna Turenne | Bold As Logs
Doug Tuttle | Keeping Alive
Uh | Humanus
Gregory Uhlmann | Again and Again
Unborn Prophecy | Waking Our Ancient Memories
Underground System | Looking In EP
Upsahl | The Phx Tapes V1
Vamachara | No Roses on My Grave
Various Artists | Aztec Records: Pure Retrowave Vol​.​ 4
Various Artists | Disney 100
Various Artists | Eurovision Song Contest Liverpool 2023
Various Artists | I Am A Pilgrim: Doc Watson At 100
Various Artists | Jakarta Records: Another Perspective (Remixes)
Various Artists | Nomark Selects V.1
Various Artists | NOW That’s What I Call Eurovision Song Contest
Various Artists | One Night in Texas: The Next Waltz’s Tribute to the Red Headed Stranger
Vasoi | Planetaria
Vhoor | Expirado
Virtual Symmetry | The Discovered Theme
Visionobi | Weather The Storm
VNV Nation | Electric Sun
Volk | Volk EP
Vybz Kartel | Numb
Orion Walsh | Rambling Heart Vol. II
Jesse Ware | That! Feels Good!
Warfuck | Diptyque
Washer | Improved Means To Deteriorated Ends
Wazzara | Ombreine
Wincent Weiss | Irgendwo Ankommen
Alex Weitz | Rule of Thirds
WheelUp | We Are The Magic
Whitesnake | Still Good To Be Bad
Wonderlands x Showtime | Showtime Ruler / Nikkori ^^ Chosatai no Theme
Dorian Wood & Thor Harris | You Are Clearly In Perversion
Wraz | Obscure EP
Graham Wright | The Lakes Of Alberta (Part Two)
Xdinary Heroes | Deadlock
Xylø | Super Sex Mona Lisa Single
Y La Bamba | Lacha
You Said Strange | Thousand Shadows Vol​.​2
Yuna | Masih Yuna
YungMorpheus | From Whence It Came
Eva Zaïcik / David Haroutunian / Xénia Maliarevitch | Mayrig: To Armenian Mothers
Zoon | Bekka Ma’iingan