Weekend Mixtape | About 275 Songs That Will End You (Side 3)

Hey, we made it! Congratulations on surviving another week. Let’s celebrate with 275 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, unburied treasures, golden oldies and live performances — most of which you won’t find anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🍺. Don’t mind if I do:



1Aidan Bissett | Out Of My League

2Lauren Spencer Smith | Fantasy (ft. Gayle & Em Beihold)

3Lewis Capaldi | Wish You The Best

4Post Malone | Chemical

5Marlow | Over Official

6Jesse Adams | Gravity

7Lindsey Lomis | Universe

8Ellie Goulding | Sure Thing / Bleach (Live)

9KNTC | Melatonin

10Alt Bloom | Waste More Time

11Vance Joy | Saturday Sun (Live)

12Lili-Ann De Francesco | Tout Recommencer

13Benson Boone | What Was

14Kelly Clarkson | Mine + Me

15Mauve | I Wish I Was This Girl

16Amos Waits | Berlin Blue

17Unsafe Space Garden | Tremendous Comprehension!

18Charlie Puth | That’s Not How This Works (ft. Dan + Shay & Sabrina Carpenter)

19Bazzi | Eyes

20Faouzia | I’m Blue

21Talk | Afraid of the Dark

22Prep | One Day at a Time

23Liam Barrack | Bulletproof

24🍺 Rose Haze | Slow Decay

25🍺 Emm Gryner | Loose Wig

26Olivia Reid | Wounds (Healing)

27Izzy Strigel | Cement Shoes

28New Hope Club | Just Don’t Know It Yet

29🍺 Winona Forever | Bad Actor

30🍺 Sam MacPherson | Powerlines

31Theresa | Safe And Sound

32Babygirl | Starlight

33New Friends | Find You

34Freya Beer | Fantasy + Galore

35Sincerely Him | Yell