Midweek Mixtape | More Than 170 Songs To Keep You Buzzing (Side 1)

Along with the usual slate of listening and writing and interviewing and posting and blah blah blah, I’ve got a massive list of non-musical stuff to deal with IRL right now — so naturally, the gods decided to pitch more than 170 singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, unburied treasures, golden oldies and live performances at me today. Thankfully, I think I managed to catch them all. Check out this roster of killer cuts — most of which you won’t find anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🐝. Time to fly:



1Iguana Death Cult | Oh No

2Codefendants | Suckers

3Elvie Shane | Forgotten Man

4Patrick Krief | Hard Luck

5Swutscher | Rocker (Live in Hamburg)

6Slow Leaves | American Band

7Ben Folds | Exhausting Lover

822 for Silicon Alone | Plenty of Time to Die

9Night Beats | Hot Ghee

10Eric Clapton | Layla (Orchestral VersionLive at Royal Albert Hall, 1991)

11The National | Your Mind Is Not Your Friend (ft. Phoebe Bridgers)

12Tunic | Disease

13Minor Conflict | White Ring Binder

14Ayla Tesler-Mabé | Keep My Mind Off The News

15Rich Ruth | Older, But Not Less Confused (Live)

16Boris | Nosferatou

17Detroit Rebellion | Hedge Your Bets

18Erste Hilfe | Die Erde Ist Rund

19The Cold Stares | I Was A Fool (Live)

20Sebastian Esquivel, Virlán García | Bélico y Cholo – Con Virlan Garcia


21Los Ramones De Nuevo Leon | Y Ahora Te Vas + Dinero Manchado

22The Dead Milkmen | Grandpa’s Not A Racist (He Just Voted For One)

23Water From Your Eyes | True Life

24Laith | 79

25Mike Lindsay | Saturday Sun (ft. Guy Garvey)

26Katherine Priddy | I Think They’re Leaving Me Behind

27J Hacha de Zola | A Day in Secaucus, New Jersey

28Black Sabbath | The Mob Rules (Live Remastered)

29Benny J Ward | Up and Down


31No Lights | Shallow Breathing


33Cumbias En Moog | Cumbia De Sal + Cumbia Sobre El Mar