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Now Hear This: Dust Bowl Faeries | Carnival Dust

Singer-songwriter Ryder Cooley and her gypsy-cabaret caravan roll back into town to intoxicate and infatuate you with another slate of timeless musical concoctions.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The followup to their critically hailed album The Plague Garden — which was likened to a “freewheeling carnival set up on the outskirts of a small town” and a “carnival of beguiling delights, ready to whirl you around the dancefloor of your mind” — Dust Bowl FaeriesCarnival Dust EP finds the band diving into explorations of goth, rock, cabaret, vaudeville, and folk.

Accompanied by her rapturous accordion in the opening track Cuckoo, Ryder Cooley leads the band in a balladic tale that recalls the gypsy punk of Gogol Bordello and dark carnival roundelays of Emilie Autumn. With the haunting tones of the musical saw adding an eerie edge to The Changeling, Dust Bowl Faeries adds a propulsive doo-wop sensibility to its infectious chorus. The torchy rustic quality of Clockwork Romance channels a blusier tone, courtesy of the whiskey-soaked rasp of Rocket Faerie (aka Jon B. Woodin).

Starting in 2015 as an all-woman trio, Dust Bowl Faeries are committed to working with as many women-identified musicians and artists as possible, including their collaborative filmmaker Lisa M. Thomas (Thin Edge Films) who documents and adds visual flair to the band’s unique and arresting visuals — and directed their latest video for Lost In Time (below). Now a multi-gendered band, they have released two EPs (2018’s The Dark Ride Mixes and 2019’s Beloved Monster) and a self-titled debut (produced by Seth Rogovoy and featuring Tommy Stinson of The Replacements and Melora Creager of Rasputina).

The Dust Bowl Faeries are Ryder Cooley (Faerie Queen; accordion, singing saw, lead vocals), Jon B. Woodin (Rocket Faerie; guitar, vocals), Rubi LaRue (Feisty Faerie; lapsteel, vocals), Liz LoGiudice (River Faerie; bass, vocals) and Andrew Stein (Time Faerie; percussion).”