Victa Wonders: Where Did You Go?

The Ottawa popster chases after love in his emotional new single and video.

Victa is missing you with his poignant new hip-pop single Where Did You Go — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest track from the Ottawa artist is about love, loss and heartbreak, as Victa sings over a gently strummed acoustic guitar weaved together with a catchy afrobeat rhythm. Victa’s melodic vocal delivery lays bare the singer’s pain and confusion, as he wonders why his relationship has fallen apart. “Where did you go?” he pleads, longing for her return and painting a vivid picture of his loneliness. He’s loved and lost before and isn’t ready to let yet another one get away:

“We were never just friends
I’m too fly to hold you down
But I hope that you stick around
’Cause I’ve been hurt before.”

Soaring synths combine with a driving beat as the track reaches its emotional climax. It combines elements of pop, hip-hop, R&B and electronic music into one melodic, hook-infused package, produced by Muto Beats and engineered by Alejandro Santos.

Victa’s vocals and songwriting prowess on the melancholic and introspective Where Did You Go belie his relatively young age. It wasn’t that long ago when his friends in high school would make fun of him for writing raps and performing them at lunch hour. “I grew up surrounded by music my whole life,” says Victa, real name Victor Gabriel-Hanson. “I fell in love with the way music makes me feel. I began to cultivate my passion for creating and performing from a young age.”

Victa’s debut single Switching Sides was released in 2020, followed by a string of successful releases. Where Did You Go comes on the heels of the sultry and seductive Keeping Score, nominated by Ottawa’s Faces Magazine for Best Music Video of the Year.

For Where Did You Go, he’s back working with that video’s producer, Francis Klan ‘Chleepy’, along with Unknwnroz, who helped Victa come up with a sexy, steamy and provocative storyline that drives home the emotion of the song. It’s sure to win more nominations for the young artist.

The up-and-coming singer and songwriter is honing his craft as a student in Algonquin College’s Music Industry Arts program as he carves his way into the music industry. “I’m passionate about music and almost everything I do in my spare time is related to composing, writing lyrics and envisioning the next project to manifest my future in music,” he says.

Watch the video for Where Did You Go above, sample more tracks from Victa below, and follow him on Instagram.