Lisa Hartt Urges You To Tell The Truth — To Yourself

Take a journey of self-discovery with the Canadian singer-songwriter's latest single.

Lisa Hartt wants you to trust your inner voice in her new single and lyric video Tell The Truth — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The second preview of the Canadian singer-songwriter’s upcoming EP Arrival, Tell The Truth that reflects a heroic journey from the deep abyss of despair to the high-flying joy of enlightenment — set to an upbeat pop-rock track. Tell The Truth celebrates the path of self-discovery and the peace that comes with it. Lisa showcases her ability to lay emotion on the table and share a story that speaks to health, mindfulness, body, and spiritual themes. The single is a powerful anthem that encourages listeners to stay true to themselves and to honour their feelings, no matter what others say.

Like the rest of the songs on Arrival, Tell The Truth a deeply personal and heartfelt collection of songs 40 years in the making. These songs had been floating around in Lisa’s mind for some time, but it wasn’t until the pandemic hit that she decided to record them. With the help of Chris Birkett, a multi-talented producer and musician, Lisa brought her vision to life.

The vocals and acoustics were recorded in her home studio in Port Credit, Ont., giving the EP a raw, intimate feel that captures the essence of her music. With undertones of Joni Mitchell, her voice is incredibly vibrant, drawing inspiration from this iconic woman to create something unique. From gentle folk to groovy soul to hard rock, Lisa’s musical influences come together to create a backbone that runs through Arrival. Each track tells a story, inviting listeners to join Lisa on a journey that is at once personal and universal.

Hartt was born in Montreal. At 10, she embarked on a long music career, taking her to many parts of the world. During the 1960s and 1970s, she toured extensively before returning to Canada to form The Lisa Hartt Band. Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, she explored multiple genres of music before eventually combining her vocal talents with world instruments and the ancient practice of reiki. As a result, she became a reiki master and developed her music into a holistic and transformative experience.

Watch the video for Tell The Truth above, sample more from Lisa Hartt below, and keep up with her at her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.