Tinnitist TV | Episode 53: Afton Wolfe

The Nashville troubadour on songwriting, late-night radio, teen metal bands & more.

I want to introduce you to an artist who deserves a spot on your playlist: Afton Wolfe.

He’s a singer-songwriter out of Mississippi with a rumbling voice that reminds you of Tom Waits, with touches of Captain Beefheart and Howlin’ Wolf for good measure. And his darkly beautiful songs are just as dynamic and distinctive, hitting the same sweet spot between soul, jazz and blues as Van Morrison. It’s music made for late-night radio — and not coincidentally, Late Nite Radio is the title of his latest single, which he premiered with me a couple of weeks back. Since the video for the song just dropped, it seemed like a good time to get on the Zoom with the Nashville resident to chat about writing songs, where he got that voice, his teenage metal band, pretending to be a lawyer and more. As a bonus, he even gives us an acoustic performance of Late Nite Radio’s B-side So Purple.