Next Week in Music | February 6-12 • The Long List: 250 Releases On The Way

Before you go down an Alex Harvey rabbit hole, check out all the upcoming music.

The late, great Alex Harvey would have turned 88 years old today. If you don’t know who Alex Harvey is, check out the clips above and meet one of the most compelling performers ever to set foot on the stage. And after you do that — but before your go down a Sensational Alex Harvey Band rabbit hole (and you will) — check out the 250 new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes on the way. Giddy up a dong dong.



Jotta A | La Drácula
The Academic | Sitting Pretty
Ad Omega | Aphelic Ascent
Afternoon Bike Ride | Glossover
Airstream Futures | Armer L’Harmonie
Amber Arcades | Barefoot On Diamond Road
American Authors | Best Night of My Life
Ancient Settlers | Mihi Nomen Est Ira
Ancient Teeth | Death Bed
Anima & Corpo / Gabriele Pro | Golden Strings
Arizona | Moving On Single
Artificial Intelligence | State Of Mind EP
Ashnikko | You Make Me Sick! Single
The Auteurs | People ‘Round Here Don’t Like To Talk About It
Thomas Azier | The Inventory Of Our Desire
The Bad Seed | Something Greater Than Myself
Bantu Spaceship | Bantu Spaceship
Jill Barber | Homemaker
Beat Awfuls | Paws
Sophia Bel | Anxious Avoidant Deluxe Edition
Andy Bell | Strange Loops & Outer Psych
Benee | Green Honda Single
Big Laugh | Consume Me
Big Time Rush | Can’t Get Enough Single
Bilk | Bilk
Bikini Beach | Appetizer
Birds of Bellwoods | Everything You Want
Black Belt Eagle Scout | The Land, The Water, The Sky
Rebecca Black | Let Her Burn
Blackwinterwells | Mortal
Bosco Sacro | Gem
Boss’ Daughter | Bouts With Bummers
BoyWithUke | Rockstar
Brainorchestra | It Means A Lot
Charlotte Brandi | An Den Alptraum
Emily Breeze | Rapture
Brian Jonestown Massacre | The Future Is Your Past
Laure Briard | Ne Pas Trop Rester Bleue
BSS | Second Wind
Cadaver Shrine | Benighted Desecration
Samuel Cajal | Cachalot Lalala
Wanessa Camargo | XOXO
Dove Cameron | We Go Down Together (ft. Khalid) Single
Le Cha | Recette Secr​è​te
Miles Chancellor | Mistakes Single
Charlie Needs Braces | Saltwater People
Matt Citron | Brb She Wan Sum Luv <3 Single
Matt Citron | Tear The Roof <3 Single
Civic | Taken By Force
Sabrina Claudio | Archives & Lullabies
Harry Cloud | The Cyst
Cold Water | Instead, I Am A Golden Oriole
Stela Cole | Roses
Cor de Lux | Media
Marlon Craft | Space 2
Crushed | Extra Life EP
Cslty | Escapism
The Cyst | Harry Cloud
Hope D | The Clash Of The Substance
DaniFighter | 2020
Ddent | Ex Auditu – Part 1
Death’s Dynamic Shroud | Holy Magic Self
Dedboii Kez | I See Ded People
The Degrees | The Day Out of Time
Delain | Dark Waters
Depeche Mode | Ghosts Again Single
Ryan Destiny | Lie Like That
Deviser | Evil Summons Evil
The Dickies | Balderdash: From The Archive
DijahSB | Living Simple EP
Dirtybutt | Xtreme Trap
Dispyria | The Story Of Marion Dust
Distant | Heritage
Divided By Design | The Fear Of Being Forgotten
Dobbeltgjenger | The Twins
Shayna Dunkelman & Javier Areal Vélez | Miru Mira
Martin Dupont | Kintsugi
Earth House Hold | How Deep Is Your Devotion
EeOo | Time 2 Dance Pt​.​1
Ehohroma | Diaspora
Elodie | OK. Respira
El Ten Eleven | Valley Of Fire
Elyose | Déviante
Endless, Nameless | Living Without
Ernest | Flower Shops (The Album)
Everchanging Laws | Some Place I Forgot
Jad Fair & Samuel Locke Ward | Happy Hearts
Fiction Fake | Slayer Season II
Xeno Fiji | B4*
Flub | Dream Worlds EP
Fringe Benefit | Fringe Benefit
Frozen Dawn | The Decline of the Enlightened Gods
Satoko Fujii & Otomo Yoshihide | Perpetual Motion
Future Analog & Wesley Reid | Searching
Fuzzy Heart | Legendary Parties EP
GhostMinus | A List of Friends_online.Part1
GhostMinus | A List of Friends_online.Part2
Glass Slipper | Am I Alone
The Golden Dregs | On Grace & Dignity
Grabbitz | Time Isn’t Real (Deluxe Edition)
Ernest Graves | The Cosmic Cowboy
Oliver Hart | The Many Faces of Oliver Hart or: How Eye One The Write Too Think 20th Anniversary Edition
Heretoir | Heretoir
Herr D.K. | Was Mach Ich Mit Meiner Zeit
Tim Hill | Giant
Hong Faux | Starkiller
Hoogenboom | Good For Nothing (A Spiraling Blackout Montage)
Hubris | The One Above
Lawson Hull | Mountain Days
Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley | Living In A Song
In Flames | Forgone
Insólito UniVerso | Ese Puerto Existe
Jadasea | The Corner
Jo Johnson | The Wave Ahead
Jax Jones & Calum Scott | Whistle Single
The Jordan | Nowhere Near The Sky
Michael Kauffil | Limitless
Kelela | Raven
Khris YokiTunes | Clowns Can Make $51,000 A Year And You’re Doing It For FREE
Kliffs | After The Flattery
Carole King | Home Again: Live In Central Park
King Cujo | Lost Inside the Landfill
Klone | Meanwhile
Georgia Knight | Hell on Bent Street
Youri Kun | Renoir Of The Toys
The Kut | On My Own Single
Lady Alma, Joey Crawford, Rob Paine | Love Right Now
Langendorf United | Yeahno Yowouw Land
Laraaji | Segue To Infinity
Riz La Vie | Haven
Jo Lawry | Acrobats
The Leaves | Never Too Late
Jade LeMac | Constellations EP
James Brandon Lewis | Eye Of I
Lil Uzi Vert | P!nk Tape
Liv.e | Girl In The Half Pearl
Lovejoy | Call Me What You Like Single
Ludmilla | Sou Má / Nasci Pra Vencer Single
Lüger | Revelations Of The Sacred Skull
Frances Luke | Safe in Sound
Luna Red | Journey To Self EP
Vusi Mahlasela, Norman Zulu and Jive Connection | Face To Face
Malady | All Pressure, No Diamonds EP
DJ Manny | Feet Start Dancing
Maps | Counter Melodies
Marbles | Humour
Yoe Mase | Hypotheticals
Joanna Mattrey & Steven Long | Strider
Brad Mehldau | Your Mother Should Know: Brad Mehldau Plays The Beatles
Minihi | Stasis Loops
Bailey Miller | Love Is A Dying
Minihi | Stasis Loops
Mogwai | Young Team Reissue
Mogwai | Come On Die Young Reissue
Motive Black | Auburn
Jessie Murph | Drowning
My Hair Is A Rat’s Next | Fragment
The Mystery Plan | What A Day EP
Näbbstarr | Minerals
Nagavalli | Numinosum
Narrow Head | Moments Of Clarity
Nejma Nefertiti & Zenati | Rapoeira
Negative Blast | Echo Planet
NikNak | Night EP
96 Back | Crass
The Notwist | Vertigo Days: Live From Alien Research Center
No Win | Dodger Stadium 64 OST
Gary Numan | Scarred: Live at Brixton Academy Reissue
Oak | Disintegrate
øjeRum/Scanner | V​å​gnende Jeg Ser De D​ø​de EP
Lisa O’Neill | All Of This Is Chance
OrangeTone | Lightmixer
Otik | Summer Ghost
Otra | I’m Not That Way
Ozymvndias | Iscariot
Pacifico | Self Care
Paramore | This Is Why
Polly Paulusma | When Hot Violent Pitch Words Hurt
Pearla | Oh Glistening Onion, The Nighttime Is Coming
Pheelz | Pheelz Good EP
Pierce The Veil | The Jaws Of Life
The Plot In You | Left Behind Single
Pomme | Consolation (Lot 2)
Quasi | Breaking the Balls of History
Resignation | You Are More Than Right Now EP
Marlene Ribeiro | Toquei no Sol
Chase Rice | I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell
RichyRanger | The World is Dying
RobinPlaysChords | Unmasking
The Rolling Stones | GRRR Live!
Leith Ross | (You) On My Arm
Ertie Ruffian | Dios Está En Tus Huesos
Vic Ruggiero | Stuff In My Pockets
Rug Stainzz | Carpet Burn
Philip Samartzis | Atmospheres And Disturbances
Boddhi Satva & Coréon Dú | I Don’t Want Your Love EP
Amor Satyr | Vuk Vuk EP
Say She She | Trouble / In My Head
Schrottgrenze | Das Universum Ist Nicht Bin​ä​r
Matthew Schwartz | Self Care
Andy Shauf | Norm
Jake Shears | Last Man Dancing
Sial | Sangkar
Lance Skiiwalker | Audiodidactic
Sleepsculptor | Divine Recalibration
Sllash & Doppe | Bumpty / Ferry Boat
Lauren Spencer-Smith | Best Friend Breakup Single
Star Collector | Attack, Sustain, Decay​.​.​. Repeat
Stormo | Endocannibalismo
Grant Summerland | Unnatural History EP
Tennis | Pollen
Themes For Great Cities | Tallinn
Rachel Therrien | Mi Hogar
Thin | Dusk
Seaming To | Dust Gatherers
Griffin Tomaino | Okay Without You
Tongue Depressor | Bones For Time
208 | Nearby Reissue
Trip | Tahndi
Universal Honey | Dandelion
Unwed Sailor | Mute The Charm
Luther Vandross | The Last Concert: Live Radio City Music Hall 2003 20th Anniversary Edition
Various Artists | Aztec Records: Pure Synth Love, Vol. 1
Various Artists | The Birth of Bop: The Savoy 10-Inch LP Collection
Various Artists | I Killed The Monster: The Songs of Daniel Johnston Reissue
Various Artists | Intrigue: Steven Wilson Presents Progressive Sounds in U.K. Alternative Music 1979-89
Various Artists | Other People: Portals
Various Artists | Pure Synth Love, Vol. 1
Various Artists | RidingEasy Records: Scrap Metal Volume 2
Various Artists | Who Are You: An All​-​Star Tribute To The Who
Veik | From Madness To Nomadness Reissue
Veik | Ma​ï​dan / I7LI Reissue
View From The Soyuz | Immaculate EP
Vista House | Oregon III
Pabllo Vittar | Noitada
Walker County | No Smokes and Mirrors EP
Jessie Ware | Pearls
Wasia Project | Petals On The Moon
Wig Wam | Out Of The Dark
Brad Allen Williams | œconomy
G.J.Williams | The Light Is Bright Enough For Two
Jessica Winter | Limerence
Mia Wray | Stay Awake
Wrong Life | Wrong Life
Yo La Tengo | This Stupid World
You Me At Six | Truth Decay
Zahna | Stronger Than Death
Zolita | Falling In / Falling Out EP
Jeremy Zucker | Internet crush