Alexander Sharp Delivers Salvation To Josh Jones & Trevor Kidd

The director takes you down a darkly seductive pathway with his latest video.

Director Alexander Sharp gives you a video you sink your teeth into with the dark, seductive and stylish clip for Josh Jones & Trevor Kidd’s Salvation — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Laser-sharp closeups of a pick strumming a guitar string, a drumstick hitting a cymbal, and the beater hitting the bass drum highlight the slowed-down sensuality of the song’s intro, while overexposed film negatives flash over longer shots of the band performing. The result is a dark, gothic vibe that matches the stalking, crawling, gasping progression of Salvation: “Are you hungry for it?”

“I feel the rush of the chemicals kicking in
I feel the touch of your talons on my skin
I feel you play me like a violin
I feel you take us where we’ve never been.”

The background suddenly switches to blood red overlaid with grainy lines and static, and Sharp gives us those gorgeous closeups again — of the instruments, of mouth on microphone, on long hair swinging with the pounding of the drums. Then, the background switches again to a cool blue over a soaring, exploratory interlude, while a woman in bondage lingerie slinks on the floor through the lens of an overturned lamp.

Salvation pounds again, and Sharp switches back to black and white, and then to grainy blood-red again, before the video ends abruptly with a shot of the singer’s roaring mouth rimmed with vampire teeth.

“The video for Salvation was designed to equally entertain and aggressively anesthetize: an outrageous, grindhouse, rock ’n’ roll music video that would keep reinventing itself,” Sharp said. “I designed it so that it would mutate visually at every verse, chorus, and bridge at such a feverishly bizarre pace, while excreting a kind of perverted effervescence.”

Sharp was born in 1994 in Vancouver. When he was 15 years old, he directed his first dramatic short film Thank You. His short film Ziggy’s Will screened at Cannes, the Manchester International Film Festival, HollyShorts, the Santa Monica International Film Festival and the Gig Harbor Film Festival in 2018. Sharp’s debut feature length Wired Shut was released on Amazon Prime in 2021 across North America and the U.K. from 101 Films. He continues to write and direct films, music videos and commercials.

Watch the video for Salvation above, spin the track below and find Alexander Sharp on his website and Instagram.


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