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Now Hear This: Kensington Daze | Double Shot

I'm getting caught up on the good albums that have come out lately. Like this one.

Looking for a new blues-guitar gunslinger? You could do worse than this Australian hotshot. Admittedly, his voice takes some getting used to. But the fretwork and songwriting are pretty solid. And you gotta give the guy points for confidence:


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Forget civil unrest in the United States; forget the new wave pandemic. As serious as these issues are, they pale in comparison to the release of Double Shot, the long-awaited solo debut of red-hot guitar gunslinger Kensington Daze.

He endeavoured to break the mould, and by throwing the established process in the bin, has masterfully constructed a fully improvised mind-melting throwback to the excesses of the 1970s.

Entering life at Soggy Dogg Recording, Double Shot spent its adolescence in an alcoholic daze at Soundpark Studios before reaching maturity through the caring hands of Paul Fox at Indy Mastering. It features the highly acclaimed Peter Maslen on drums and high-powered pro-fem powerhouse Bec Birchall on Hammond organ (Tracks 5, 7 & 8). Thankfully it has arrived just in time to save your ears from the mind-numbing electronic music filling the airwaves since time immemorial.

The opening track Mozambique”is sewn from the same parchment as the cradle of humanity. Double Shot explores the alcoholic reality we have fallen into in the eons since our inception. Control and Schoolyard offer a fresh perspective on the dark and damaging effects of modern adolescence, explored through the female story. Beautiful tales of debauchery are painted in future cult classics Straight to Hell and Vigilante while Kensington laments over love lost in Valium and Make me Insane. These tracks giving fans a unique insight into the inner workings of his caged heart. His most honest expression is perhaps found in Chain Gang, where he vocalizes his disdain for employment and authoritarian relationships.

Kensington Daze has delved headfirst into rock, blues, and hillbilly styles. None of it was intentional; all of it rocks.”