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Now Hear This: Smirk | Material

Prolific indie-rocker Nick Vicario adds a new chapter to California's storied punk past with a debut album fashioned from slashing guitars, wiry hooks and dark propulsion.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “As the decline of Western civilization comes into full focus, our ears turn once again to Los Angeles.

The first proper full-length from Smirk could very well be the soundtrack to a Decline Pt. IV, with tracks like Living in Hell and Hopeless delivered for a whole new generation of latchkey kids. Material follows 2021’s EP and 2020’s LP, which collected the first two cassettes-de-quarantine that began Nick Vicario‘s run as Smirk following stints with a long list of bands like Public Eye, Cemento and Crisis Man.

If you’ve worn out your copies of Smirk‘s earlier releases, then Material needs no further explanation. But if you’re wondering where the magic is, let’s start with pure, quality songwriting. Vicario and his revolving cast of Smirk players have really done it this time. It’s punk, California, paranoia, guitars, rhythm, and a sense of humor-slash-purpose joining forces to combat reality in the truest sense. Smirk have produced an impressive punk encapsulation of the times across the web of sound on Material.”


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