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Classic Album Review: Bruce McCulloch | Drunk Baby Project

The Kids In The Hall member's demented humour is in full effect on his second LP.

This came out in 2002 – or at least that’s when I got it. Here’s what I said about it back then (with some minor editing):


Bruce McCulloch is one sick little monkey.

This, of course, is not news. At least not to anyone who remembers his old Kids In The Hall characters such as Cancer Boy, Cabbage Head and Tammy the pop slut (“I ain’t gonna spread for no roses”). Well, they may be gone, but McCulloch’s demented humour is still in full effect on Drunk Baby Project, the second album of songs, sketches and soliloquies from the onetime Winnipegger. Among the amazing atrocities: The Bible, a tart little cocktail of zippy jazz guitar and tart-tongued sacrilege; Cheer For The Team, a slab of Gary Glitter glam-rock stomp; Clinique Ladies, a tale of shopping-mall Armageddon; Hangover Chronicles, an old Kids monologue; Lil’ Gay Waiter, an indie-rock ode to pasta heroism; and Seger, a profession of his love for the blue-collar rocker; and For The Ladies, in which Bruce reveals he likes to call his mom on the speaker phone while he’s having sex. See, we told you he was sick; after all, nobody of sound mind could really love Bob Seger that much, could they?