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Now Hear This: Pseudo Mind Hive | Eclectica

The Australian rockers balance fuzzy riffs, deep grooves & psych-prog excursions.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “This is our new EP Eclectica. It is a soulful, bizarre and unique cacophony of different influences, approaches and sounds, just like us.

We worked very hard to make this a record that feels classic, and one that could inspire others to express their own unique creativity. We hope we have succeeded, and we hope that somebody finds Eclectica many years from now in a little record store and loves it. We owe so much to having had that experience ourselves with the countless obscure records from the past that have inspired us.

The road from here on out is a little foggy for us; we’re not sure when we will make music again. One thing we do know, however, is that we owe everything to you, the beautiful people that have supported us over the last five years. You are as much a part of Pseudo Mind Hive as we are.”