Tuesday Mixtape | 89 Songs That Will Amuse & Amaze You (Side 1)

Life is full of surprises. Case in point: I had an interview booked today with a singer-songwriter who I fully expected to be a no-show. All the signs were there: Our chat had changed days and times, been shortened in length, and I got zero response to the Zoom invite I sent days ago. Anyway, I logged in, expecting to wait around for nothing. So what happens? Dude shows up on time, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and we have a dandy conversation. Go figure. And consider me pleasantly surprised. Which is how I hope you’ll feel after digging into this slate of 89 singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies and live performances. As always, expect to find dozens of gems you won’t see or hear anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🎙️. Check, check, check ’em out:



1-7 Osees | Scum Show + Funeral Solution + Scum Show + Fucking Kill Me + A Foul Form + Scramble Suit II + If I Had My Way

8 | Matt Andersen & the Big Bottle of Joy | What’s on My Mind (Live at the Sonic Temple)

9 | Billy Nomates | Spite

10 | Barda | Rama En El Rio (ft. Gus Goncalves)

11 | Robert Forster | Tender Years

12 | Skinny Pelembe | Like A Heart Won’t Beat

13 | Hollow Hand | Heaven Just Watched

14 | Hack Poet’s Guild | Daring Highwayman

15 | CrashMonkeys | Lo-Fi Betty’s

16 | Rodolphe Coster and Band | Dolls Their Maps

17 | Band For Sale | Is There Anybody?

18 | Werewolf Jones | Lock The Door

19 | Love Hounds | Lazy Boy