Thursday Mixtape | 122 Songs That Will Hit You Where You Live (Side 6)

Reading about Iggy Pop‘s upcoming album Every Loser today reminded me of the many times I’ve seen him. The first was in the early ’80s, when I was right down front at a riotous gig in Edmonton. (There should still be a picture of us facing off somewhere in the Sun archive.) Some years later, I saw him open for The Pretenders, after which Chrissie Hynde came out and kissed the stage he walked on. Fast-forwarding through several decades and shows, I most recently caught him and The Stooges at SXSW, when he dove into the crowd during the opening tune I Wanna Be Your Dog, even though he was pushing 60. Fingers crossed that he’s got one more show in him — ’cause I sure do. While we wait, get a faceful of these 122 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, unburied treasures and live clips — including dozens you won’t find anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 👊. Hit it:



👊 108 | Margo Price | Lydia (Live from Downtown Presbyterian Church)

👊 109+110 | Sam Bush | A Simple Thing As Love + Radio John

111 | Serena Ryder & William Prince | River of Tears (Live At Massey Hall)

112 | Ellen Froese | Long Division

113 | Sparxsea | Forever Love

114 | Mikayla Menzies | Mess (Live at Folk Music Ontario)

115 | Tyler Childers | Way of the Triune God (Live From Red Rocks)

116 | GraveDancer | The Strongest Stuff

117 | Walker Hayes | Face In The Crowd

👊 118 | Dust Bowl Faeries | Lost In Time

👊 119 | Patrick Wilson | Leave My Love

120 | Kevin Devine | Liar, Liar

121 | Harley Alexander | Bat Cave


👊 122 | Colin Stetson | Nature is Timeless