Bara Jonson And Free Insist The Sky Is The Limit For Love

The Swedish duo introduce you to their Crockpop sound with their latest single.

Bara Jonson know love makes anything and everything possible in their new single The Sky Is The Limit — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest release from the Swedish duo introduces the world to the unique musical amalgam they refer to as Crockpop — a seamless fusion of country, rock, and pop music — and teases the release of their upcoming album New Era. The Sky Is The Limit is also a well-executed fusion of everything this band is passionate about, featuring uplifting messages of “making it or faking it” while “shaking off people who get in our way.” As they say: “Never let anyone else put you down or deter you from what you want to achieve. Believe that anything is possible — that The Sky Is The Limit.”

New Era, the duo’s up-and-coming album release, was bred through mystery and improvisation. The 14-track vinyl includes an interwoven story from a distant future — possibly even a parallel universe.

Jonson and Free describe the album, saying: “The show we announced the album release at was interrupted occasionally with fragments of pictures or video snippets. We couldn’t really tell where it came from. As we showed off our album again … it had changed right before our eyes!”

Jonson and Free are breakthrough musicians with unparalleled chemistry. The duo were recently nominated for Best Emerging Artist – International at Indie Week Showcase Festival in Toronto and picked up by Canadian management company Entertainment Music Group for distribution through the Americas, and MusicHelp for distribution through Sweden and Europe.

While this has bolstered the group’s level of seniority, Jonson and Free are no strangers to Swedish music festivals and showcases. Their live performances have taken them to venues throughout Denmark, Holland, Germany, U.K., France, and Canada. 2021 saw the debut of their own music festival Lilla By Festivalen. Most recently, the group opened with Cirque Arte Diem at Byggnad’s 2022 Congress in Stockholm, spreading the duo’s message while giving them a global platform to reach hundreds of thousands of listeners.

Listen to The Sky Is The Limit above, hear more from Bara Jonson And Free below, and find them at their website, Facebook and Instagram.