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Albums Of The Week: Suck | Ribbit

Doing their best to give Amyl & The Sniffers a run for the money, the German punks do not live up to their handle on their uncomporomisingly aggressive debut album.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Do you know Suck?” “Yup, had to see them live!” That’s about how the conversations go when you ask around in the punk-informed part of Berlin and the surrounding area.

For some, the first contact with Suck took place when they opened for the like-minded Amyl and The Sniffers on their 2019 tour. No mean feat — but these Kassel punks left a lasting impression on audiences. Which inevitably leads to the question: Is it actually a curse or a blessing for the promotion of a debut album to be a fantastic live band?

Instead of a far-reaching, finely chiseled answer, it is recommended at this point to simply turn up the opener Rip It and let Suck answer the question for you: With a drum intro that sounds like you’re about to kick down the door, an explosion of aggressive circular-saw guitars, a bass growl and a voice that inevitably leads you to the realization that there is no adequate German translation for the wonderful British word “snarling.”

The melodic, powerful, but never testosterone-overdriven sound of the band levels itself here somewhere between deep Black Sabbath love and ’70s punk reverence. And Suck sound as if they had put a truckload of fans in the studio with them during the recordings. The live sound that many have fallen in love with at their concerts has been captured perfectly, so to speak, packed airtight and pressed onto vinyl, CD or in MP3s, where it is discharged the moment you press play.”