Amanda Mae Shoulda Known You Were A Playa

The Toronto R&B artist wears her heart on her sleeve in her latest single & video.

Amanda Mae admits she Shoulda Known you would break her heart on her latest single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Much like seemingly perfect relationships, the Toronto R&B artist’s latest track feels and looks beautiful on the outside — but its heart is fueled by contempt and infidelity, resulting in a sultry yet ominous vibe. Providing a velvety listening experience for her fanbase, the song lays out a story of betrayal and contention in a relationship that started great, but ended flat on its face. “The story is relatable and common-place for many women,” she shares. “A passionate relationship that I believed would be the romantic pinnacle of my dating life resulted in betrayal and infidelity.”

After working with Ayaz Virani to fine tune the lyrics, Amanda Mae sought the production capacity of producer Rekkzone. She reflects on their partnership with admiration, saying he “describes a soulful but gritty dark vibe to the beat that complements the volatility of the relationship. Rekkzone dutifully took the song and created a custom beat for the project.”

Describing her sound as a mix of R&B, pop, and soul, Mae bases her music on personal experiences in life and love, allowing her to relate to her listeners on an intimate level while creating radio-ready singles. “I never shy away from an opportunity to branch out sonically to reach another vocal and impact level for my audience,” she shares.

A self-taught singer, Mae has decided to take the traditional approach to R&B, much like the idols who blazed her contemporary R&B trail. Following the success of her recent EP No Distractions, Mae has released two singles in 2021 that received critical acclaim and earned her tens of thousands of streams. Watch Shoulda Known above, hear No Distractions below, and get to know Amanda Mae on her website, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.