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Upkvst Levels Up With Midnight Club

The Moncton rapper shines through the darkness on his uplifting new single.

Upkvst plays to win on his confident new single Midnight Club — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Over a murky boom-bap beat that leaves the listener with a nighttime vibe, the new Brunswick rapper delivers meaningful bars explaining the diamond in the rough mentality, shining in the dark, and pushing forward to forge a brighter future.

A Moncton native, Upkvst has dealt with his share of troubles. The 24 year old felt misunderstood and outcast growing up, and it led to a dark path of substance abuse. But years of growth and reflection have lifted him from that place, and his confidence for his future will never falter. Everything moves up for Upkvst, the inspiration for the first two letters of his music moniker. That mindset is central to Midnight Club.

“I wanted to give a sense of confidence through this song, like you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it,” Upkvst explained. “The demons I used to have are no longer burdens. I needed to face them to feel free.”

The song is rife with references of late-night drives and nights spent playing the titular video game. The track also includes an homage to Mac Miller’s Nikes On My Feet, the first of the rapper’s songs that Upkvst heard. Along with performers and artists such as Frank Ocean, Daniel Caesar, Post Malone and Russ, Miller made a major impact on Upkvst — musical and otherwise — in his upbringing.

“He was one of the main reasons why I started digging into hip hop, studying other artists and the flows they used,” Upkvst said. “I also love Nike shoes.”

Midnight Club is one of four songs on Upkvst‘s latest EP Rdy Set Go! The album’s cover art is layered with metaphors, all meant to signify the important themes and lessons Upkvst lays down. In typical style, the album’s name is also a piece of a larger puzzle, aimed at relaying the human struggle, along with a word of advice on how others can navigate this difficult thing called life. “I’m ready for what’s to come, I’m set for my future, and I let go of what’s already happened,” Upkvst says.

Check out Midnight Club above, sample Rdy Set Go! below, and find Upkvst at his website, Twitter and Instagram.