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Next Week in Music | Feb. 21-27 • The Long List: 480+ Releases On The Way

All the new music heading for your playlist in the coming days — and then some.

Kurt Cobain would have celebrated his 55th birthday today. So if you need a good reason to spin your favourite Nirvana album today, there it is. While you do that, take a spin through the 480-plus new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes coming down the pipe.



Ab’Bhau | Devastaciones Bajo El Fulgor Del Vacío
Abraham | Débris De Mondes Perdus
Acid Coco | Camino Al Mar
Adptd | Bedroom Walls EP
Adult. | Becoming Undone
Agender | No Nostalgia
AI | Dream
Federico Albanese | Before and Now Seems Infinite
Allegaeon | Damnum
The Allegorist | Blind Emperor
Bernard Allison | Highs & Lows
Hamid Al Shaeri | The SLAM! Years 1983-1988
Anatomy Of I | The Los(t) Angered Sessions
An Evening of Redness | An Evening of Redness
Angelnumber8 | Digital Tribal
The Ano Nobo Quartet | The Strings of São Domingos
Anti-Flag | Die For The Government Picture Disc
Araya | Ethos
Ricardo Arjona | Blanco y Negro
Artisan | The Stain of Life
Asa | V (Five)
Aspidistrafly | Altar Of Dreams
Atrium Noctis | Atrium Noctis
Lynn Avery & Cole Pulice | To Live & Die In Space & Time
Bad Omens | The Death of Peace of Mind
Joan Baez | From Every State Reissue
Bakar | Nobody’s Home
Bambara | Love On My Mind EP
The Band of Heathens | Remote Transmissions, Vol. 1
Bank Myna | Volaverunt
Inbar Barlach | Makbilim מקבילים
Casey Barnes | Light It Up
Sarah Barrios | Aftermath of You
Basic Rhythm | Dread / And Soon The Darkness
Joshua Bassett | Doppelgänger
Coke Belda | 6: My Tribute To Los Brincos
Berzingue | Quitter Paname EP
Billlie | The Collective Soul And Unconscious: Chapter One
Billow | IV
Binker & Moses | Feeding The Machine
Bitter Branches | Your Neighbors Are Failures
Julia Blair | Better Out Than In
Kodak Black | Back For Everything
Black Level | New-Start
Black Sea Dahu | I Am My Mother
Jason Blake | Imaginary Cages
Blood Incantation | Timewave Zero
Blood Music | (Sometimes We Need) A New Beginning
Blue Lab Beats | Motherland Journey
Bones In Butter | Another Cloud Single
Bops | Sounds Of Parade
Borts Minorts + Hug Victim | Brut!
Bostn | Bostn
Bowling For Soup | I Wanna Be Brad Pitt
Brandon Boyd | Echoes and Cocoons
Boys’ Shorts | New Era
The Kenneth Brian Band | Keys to the Kingdom
BTOB | Be Together
Buckshot | Burning Barn
Bugseed | Idealism
Basia Bulat | The Garden
Bute Street | Eclectic Taste
Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard | Backhand Deals
Jothan Callins & The Sounds Of Togetherness | Winds Of Change
Lewis CanCut | Magic Circle
Caravan | Siciliano EP
Carlo | Where Is Everybody? EP
Caroline | Caroline
Casper | Alles War Schön Und Nichts Tat Weh
Far Caspian | Ways To Get Out Deluxe Edition
Catabolic | The Uncivil
Caulbearers | Twisted Cord / Synching (Bubbling Sprig Remix)
Cavetown & Beabadoobee | Fall In Love With a Girl
Central Cee | 23
Ceremonial Castings | Our Journey Through Forever
C4Y | B4!
Whettman Chelmets | Joan
C.I.A. & Lord Beatjitzu | Criminals In The Army | 7th Infantry Regiment (1st Report)
C.I.A. & Lord Beatjitzu | Criminals In The Army | 7th Infantry Regiment (2nd Report)
Richard Clayderman | Forever Love
CMAT | If My Wife New I’d Be Dead
C-Netik | State Of Emergence
Cobra The Impaler | Colossal Gods
Laura Cocks | Field Anatomies
Avishai Cohen | Naked Truth
Judy Collins | Spellbound
Come | Peel Sessions
Committee of Vultures | Everybody Wants The Blues
Conway the Machine | God Don’t Make Mistakes
Corpsegrinder | Corpsegrinder
Le Couleur | Concorde Deluxe Edition
Courtial With Errol Knowles | Don’t You Think It’s Time
Cravity | Liberty: In Our Cosmos
Cromby | Potency 002
Cryptum | Vile Emergence
Rosie Cunningham | Two Piece Puzzle
Czarina | Arcana
Tbi Dabo | Isla
Dæmonesq | The Beauty Of Letting Go EP
Daisy Glaze | Daisy Glaze
Darkness Everywhere | The Seventh Circle EP
Dark Worship | Flesh Of A Saint
Dashboard Confessional | All the Truth That I Can Tell
Daytime TV | Nothing’s On But Everybody’s Watching
Dead Head | Haatland
Deathbell | A Nocturnal Crossing
Deathhammer | Electric Warfare
Death Insurance | I’m in Your Walls
Defrag | Float
John Denver | His Ultimate Collection Reissue
Deserta | Every Moment, Everything You Need
Sussan Deyhim & Richard Horowitz | Desert Equations: Azax Attra (Made to Measure Vol​.​ 8)
Diablo | When All The Rivers Are Silent
John Digweed | Live in London
Dionysos Now! | Adriano²
Dividens | Blueprints
Dnce | Dancing Feet
Donovan | Golden Tracks
J.Doursou | Choreographies of Decay
Dreamer Isioma | Goodnight Dreamer
Dream Widow | Dream Widow
D’Virgilio, Morse & Jennings | Troika
Eagles | Desperado SACD Reissue
Early Eyes | Look Alive!
Earthgang | Ghetto Gods
Sheena Easton | A Private Heaven Expanded Edition
Eee Gee | Winning
Eight Bells | Histories 2010 – 2016
Eight Bells | Legacy of Ruin
The 8th Wonders Of The World | The 8th Wonders Of The World
Elaquent | Bedtime Stories III
Miriam Elhajli | The Uncertainty of Signs
Ellemetue | Les Crucifiés Figuratifs
Hamid El Shaeri | The SLAM! Years (1983-1988)
Embryonic Devourment | Heresy of the Highest Order
Epoch Crysis | Rex
Egreen | Nicolás
Juanita Euka | Mabanzo
Richard Evans | Sentinel
Everson Poe | The Night Country
Extinguished | Vomitous Manifestations
Farzin Farhadi | The Cure
Faster Pussycat | Babylon: The Elektra Years 1987-1992
Fata Morgana | Ahora Aquí, Todavía No
Fatherson | Normal Fears
Fetal Blood Eagle | Indoctrinate
Fatherson | Normal Fears
Filligar | Future Self
Firebreather | Dwell in the Fog
Fishbach | Avec Les Yeux
CJ Fly | The Pharaoh’s return
Keely Forsyth | Limbs
Mary G | The Spiritual Gym
Gaadge | Ex Pilots C​-​30
Charlie Gabriel | 89
Gang Of Youths | Angel in Realtime
Minino Garay | Speaking Tango
Alyssa Gengos | Mechanical Sweetness
German Army | Endless Suburb
Get The Fuck Outta Dodge | It’s Not Our Fault That Your Boyfriend’s Stupid
Ghostface Killah | Supreme Clientele 2
Gidouille | Zineogenesis
Coyle Girelli | Funland
Robert Glasper | Black Radio III
Gloson | The Rift
Gnov | Cirógatsz
Godless Truth | Godless Truth
The Golden Age Of Wrestling | Crossface Chicken Wing
Charles Goold | Rhythm in Contrast
Goon | Paint by Numbers, Vol. 1
Loz Goddard | Balloon Tree Road
Gozarian Temple | We All Deserve Hell
Graace | Self Preservation
Graphic Nature | New Skin EP
Svarte Greiner | Devolving Trust
Grimes | Visions 10th Anniversary Edition
The Growth Eternal | Parasail-18
The Gubs | Spore Sessions No. 13
Guns N’ Roses | Hard Skool EP
Hajino x Duncecap | Go Climb A Tree
Half Man Half Biscuit | The Voltarol Years
HammerFall | Hammer Of Dawn
DJ Hank | City Stars
Paul Hardcastle | Hardcastle X (The Eclipse)
Francis Harris | Thresholds
Beth Hart | A Tribute To Led Zeppelin
Anne Elise Hastings | Unmasking A Confidence Trickster
The HawThorns | Tarot Cards and Shooting Stars
Arne Heesch | Demons Are Scared
Hexerei | Ancient Evil Spirits
Pascal Hetzel | ASLM
High Buildings w/ Lee Stevens | Local Suicide
The High Keys | A Little Too Heavy
Carlos Hof | Komorebi
Spencer Hoffman | A Flower From Behind EP
Hok-Key | In Existence
Holodrum | Holodrum
Homeboy Sandman | There In Spirit
Alex Hooper | Calm Down Peasants
Kev Hopper | Sans Noodles
Hugs Of The Sky | Tangerine Boredom
Humator | Curse of the Pharaoh
Iggy & The Stooges | I Wanna Be Your Dog Cassette / Vinyl
Ikarus | Plasma
Imagination | On The Way… (Live at Audimax 1978)
Incrypt | Thrashing Extinction
Inner Missing | Dead Language
In The Woods … | Omnio
Osirus Jack | Nouvelle Ère
Ron Jackson | Standards and My Songs
Shawn James | A Place in the Unknown
Park Jiha | The Gleam
Jimpster | Birdhouse
Duquette Johnson | The Social Animals
Josh Johnson | Channel Black
Sly Johnson | Trust Me Single
Jay Jones | Stay Strong Single
Brooke Josephson | Showin’ Up EP
JoyRide | JoyRide
Jynx716 | Careful What You Wish For
Eddie Kaine | Wonderful World Of Kaino
Nyokabi Kariũki | Peace Places: Kenyan Memories EP
Keeley | Brave Warrior EP
Keeley | Echo Everywhere EP
Keze | Liminal Limbo
Oan Kim | Oan Kim & the Dirty Jazz
King Hannah | I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me
King Jammy | King Jammy Destroys The Virus With Dub
Klammer | Progress (Or The Lack Of)
Terry Klein | Good Luck, Take Care
Kryptograf | The Eldorado Spell
Kyoty | Quarantine
Lady Bird | We
Nyles Lannon | Pressure Extended Edition
Immi Larusso × Morriarchi | Shalimar Gardens
Last Piss Before Death | Last Piss Before Death
Avril Lavigne | Love Sux
Ren Lawton | Today Today Tomorrow
Gábor Lázár | Boundary Object
Leadfinger | Silver & Black
Leaether Strip | The Other Man: A Front 242 Tribute
The Left Banke | Strangers On A Train Reissue
Wolf Lehmann | Lucid Living
Dario Lessing | Frequency
L.I.B. | Men’s Health
Lil Durk | 7220
Lil Eggnog | Mayo On The Ceiling
Lil Seyi | Remixes EP
Bob Lind | Something Worse Than Loneliness
Kat Liu | I’m in Your Walls
Living Target | Fire & Forget
Lo Moon | A Modern Life
Longboat | Out of Place
Long Range Hustle | I Am Alive, But Only If You Say I Am
Lord Apex & Cookin Soul | For All My Hustlers
Lotus Thrones | Hibernal
The Loud Family & Anton Barbeau | What if It Works? Reissue
Caroline Loveglow | Strawberry
Lucifer Star Machine | Rock ‘n’ Roll Martyrs
Tkay Maidza | Last Year Was Weird, Volumes 2 & 3 Vinyl
Manast LL’ | Tha Real Underground
Manic Mundane | Narrative Three
Zela Margossian | The Road
Arny Margret | Intertwined EP
Lasse Marhaug / Jérôme Noetinger | Top
Bob Marley | Sun Is Shining EP
Johnny Marr | Fever Dreams Pts 1-4
Marta | Spanish American Art Museum
Lee Martin | Gypsy Soul
Linda Martini | Errôr
Martyr | Planet Metalhead
Matchess | Sonescent
Mattie | Jupiter’s Purse
Benedicte Maurseth | Hárr
Jamie McDell | Jamie McDell
Carson McHone | Still Life
Eamon McGrath | Bells Of Hope
Carson McHone | Still Life
Shoji Meguro | Persona 5 The Royal Original Soundtrack
Melt Yourself Down | Pray For Me I Don’t Fit In
Metalucifer | Heavy Metal Ninja
Michelle | After Dinner We Talk Dreams
Billy Mick | Leveling Up
Lena Minder | Together Alone
Mr. Boone | Haha Backyard
Miwa | Sparkle
Moch | Dlu
The Moldy Peaches | Origin Story: 1994-1999
Mom Jeans | Sweet Tooth
Monopoly Child Star Searchers | Prince of Parrot Shooters / The Aqueducts of Channel Island
Thurston Moore | Screen Time
Mor | Babydolls
Kyle Morgan | Younger At Most Everything
Le Motel | Sueños
Malum Mortuus | Ashes of the Traitor’s Cross
Møtivatiøn | The Infinite 8 Steps To Power / Money / More
Mountaineer | Giving Up The Ghost
The Mountain King | WolloW
MRBD | Pure
Mudflower | Flore EP
Youn Sun Nah | Waking World
Nashenas | Life Is a Heavy Burden: Ghazals & Poetry From Afghanistan
Naz | Thinking Of You
Nez, scHoolboy Q, Moodymann | CircoLoco Records & NEZ Present CLR 002
Nightmares On Wax | Remixed! To Freedom​.​.​.
Nmixx | Ad Mare
The Ano Nobo Quartet | The Strings of São Domingos
Nobro | Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar EP
The Nocturnal Broadcast | Null
Noodah05 | The Biggest
Ocinn | The Forest
Odz, Ivory & Simon Superti | Ett Gäng Getter
The Ophelias | Bare Bodkin
Joan Osborne | Radio Waves
Oska | My World, My Love, Paris
Ouri | BT002: Self Hypnosis Tape
Paco | Berezina
Pailhead | Trait
Panjoma | Sun And Moon EP
Papooz | None Of This Matters Now
Para One | Spectre: Machines of Loving Grace Remixes
Dan Patlansky | Shelter of Bones
Phish | LivePhish 02.24.22
Phish | LivePhish 02.25.22
Phish | LivePhish 02.26.22
Phish | LivePhish 02.27.22
Mavi Phoenix | Marlon
Le Pietre dei Giganti | Veti E Culti
Pintandwefall | Seventh Baby
Pixies | Live In Brixton
Amanda Platt & The Honeycutters | The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
The Poison Arrows | War Regards
Poorly Drawn House | Home Doesn’t Have Four Walls
Powerplant | Stump Soup
The Preachers | Stay Out Of My World
Prxjek | Let The World Burn 2
The Quietist | Hidden
Ziad Rahbani | Houdou Nisbi Reissue
David Ramirez | Rules and Regulations EP
Randa And The Soul Kingdom | Put Your Hands Up
Hania Rani | Venice: Infinitely Avantgarde Soundtrack
Reckless Love | Turborider
Red Giant Project & Emma Lucia | Helhet
Restive Nation | Counterfeit
Riela | Llorar Y Perrear EP
Robot Slide | Extend
La Roche | Liye Liye
Rocket Science | Closer To The Sun Single
Olivia Rodrigo | The Thing That Wakes You Up
Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Tim Story | 4 Hands
Lee Rogers | The City In You
Caroline Romano | Oddities & Prodigies
Todd Rundgren | Johnson
Huerco S. | Plonk IV
Sacrifice | Live in 85
Saints Among Us | Run
Marta Sanchez | SAAM (Spanish American Art Museum)
Sangam | Hope You Don’t Leave
Sasami | Squeeze
Scorpions | Rock Believer
Cheick Tidiane Seck | Sanga Bô Single
Ty Segall | Whirlybird Soundtrack
Sepulchral | From Beyond The Burial Mound
Elle Sera | Little Fire EP
The Serfs | Primal Matter
SeptembersRich | BNL
Serious Black | Vengeance Is Mine
Sevdaliza | Raving Dahlia EP
Seven Seals | Owl Cage
Shape Of Despair | Return To The Void
Shark Island | S’Cool Bus Reissue
Shealeigh | The Whole Sun Balancing Upon My Knees
She-Rōze | We Rise
Yasuaki Shimizu | Kiren
Shiva Burlesque | Mercury Blues Expanded Edition
Am Shhara | Shinsoko
Sturgill Simpson | The Ballad Of Dood & Juanita Vinyl
Skinshape | Sua Alma Remix EP
Slaughter | Live in 85
Marcel Sletten | Irish Words and a Bottle of Myrrh
Soft Cell | *Happiness Not Included
Sole & DJ Pain 1 | Post American Studies
Soliloquium | Soulsearching
Somatoast | Creation is Creation
Sophie & The Broken Things | Delusions Of Grandeur
Sophisticated Boom Boom | Sophisticated Boom Boom
Space Cadets | Warp Drive
Spectre | Drifter / The Black Jewel
Spetyusz | Ezért Ne Legyél Szerelmes
Spirit | Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus Remastered and Expanded
Spiritualized | Everything Was Beautiful
The Spitfires | Play For Today
Sprlua | Magnum Dopus
Star•gutter | жаба
Stayc | Young-luv.com
Steegmoord | Trepidation
Luke Stewart | Works for Upright Bass and Amplifier Vol. 2
Curtis Stigers | This Life
The Storm Windows | The Storm Windows
Gaute Storsve Trio | El Gran Gotzilla
Erik Strauss | Unfinished And Untitled
String Factory | These Are the Days
String Machine | Hallelujah Hell Yeah
Suff Daddy | Basically Sober
Sulphur Nurse | Roopkund
Super Beaver | Tokyo
Superchunk | Wild Loneliness
Svartsot | Kumbl
Swamp Dogg | I Need A Job​.​.​.​So I Can Buy More Auto​-​Tune
Sweet California | Land of the Free Vol. I
Sworn Virgins | Strangers Hands EP
Swutscher | Swutscher
Sylvia | Nature Child – A Dreamer’s Journey
Tangerine Dream | Raum
Corey Taylor | CMFB…Sides
Tears For Fears | The Tipping Point Blu-Ray Audio
Tegnone | Basement Shyt
Temple of Deimos | Heading to Saint Reaper
T.F. | Blame Kansas
Thunderor | Fire It Up
Thus | All of Thus
Töme | Löv
Toronto Tabla Ensemble | For The Love Of Tabla
Tower Block Dreams | Time Is Now White Vol​.​12
Tragedy Of Mine | Aeon
Pat Travers | Push Yourself Single
Trio Subliminal | 2: Cinema Infernale
Trophy Jump | Feels
Tru Tones | Show The World
Pierce Turner | Terrible Good
Tuskar | Matriarch
22 Oceans | Home
Under The Rug | Dear Adeline
The Undertones | Dig What You Need
Unseasonal Beasts | Number Three EP
Unsound | Weavings
Vakili Band | Walking Sideways
Valetta | Your Future In An Email EP
Various Artists | Classic Productions by Surin Phaksiri 2: Molam Gems from the 1960s​-​80s
Various Artists | Crown Jewels Vol. 2
Various Artists | Elsewhere XX
Various Artists | Euphoria Season 2 Soundtrack
Various Artists | If Music Presents You Need This: Klinkhamer Records
Various Artists | I Love To See You Strut: More 60s Mod, R&B, Brit Soul & Freakbeat Nuggets
Various Artists | Key Changes: Greatest Hits Vol. 1
Various Artists | Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers Original Soundtrack
Various Artists | Symphony Sounds Eternal III
Alan Vega | Invasion /​ Murder One
Venator | Echoes from the Gutter
Venrez | Purgatory Awaits
VHS Collection | Night Drive
The Vibrators | The Albums 1985-1990
Franck Vigroux | Atotal
Carmen Villain | Only Love From Now On
Volcanova | Cosmic Bullshit
Olive Vox | Olive Vox EP
Vylet Pony | Can Opener’s Notebook: Fish Whisperer
ML Wah | Mirrored Night
Nick Walters | Singularity
R. Weis | Installed Sound For Exhibitions
Emily Wells | Regards To The End
Kanye West | Donda 2
Whistler | ApocalypzZzz
WiFiGawd | Chain of Command
Wiki | Half God
Wilkinson | Cognition
Wolfrik | Clones
The Wooks | Flyin’ High
Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Matt Howarth | Undesirable Creatures
Wu-Syndicate | Omerta
XIL | Rip & Tear
Yang | Designed for Disaster
Yonder Mountain String Band | Get Yourself Outside
Young Cister | Lo Mas Xulo De Tu Insta
Young Empress | Lost Time Deluxe
Young Empress | Lost Time Instrumentals
Your Planet is Next | Mr. Music
Zamdane | Couleur De Ma Peine
Zeeland | Soft Ice EP
Hubert Zemler | Drut
Zox The Fox | Dodna 2
Julian Zyklus | Waterpiano