Sonic Reducers | Brass Against’s Streaming Performance

We saw what Brass Against’s singer did — and we've got something to say about it.


There’s more than one way to go No. 1 with a bullet.

New York indie band Brass Against found a new one when their singer Sophia Urista urinated on a fan’s face during a recent gig in Florida. She has apologized for the incident — though it doesn’t seem like anyone was hurt. That goes double for the band, who have been catapulted from anonymity to notoriety, while their videos (especially one) are clocking mega-views. Speaking of views: Eric Alper and I will add ours to the chorus on today’s episode of Sonic Reducers. Listen in as we discuss Urista’s streaming performance, debate whether it goes to far, and share some of our own urine-stained rock ’n’ roll experiences. Sonic Reducers. One topic. Two music nerds. Five minutes. Everything you need to know.