Maya Killtron | Do It Again: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Canadian popster & hotdog hunter goes back to the '80s with her latest jam.

Once is not enough for Maya Killtron on her retro-tastic synth-funk single Do It Again — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A preview of the Toronto singer, songwriter, violinist, producer and hotdog hunter’s upcoming sophomore album Persimmon, the multi-faceted and magnificent Do It Again is a vibrantly addictive treat for mind, body and soul. Lyrically, Killtron explores the existential, questioning the status quo and what it takes to “get ahead” in the music industry. Musically, she pushes the sonic and stylistic envelope with producer HiFiLo, enhancing her signature stacked vocals with kaleidoscopic textures, vintage ’80s synths and screaming keyboard solos.

HiFiLo is a genius,” Killtton enthuses. “Nothing was too over the top or too much and he made order out of my creative chaos. He provided an encouraging, laugh-your-ass-off safe space to experiment and just have fun with the music. That’s what the song is all about. Video director Sahil Kumar and stylist Shae Holt caught that vibe from the beginning and visually brought the song to life.”

And what a vibe it is. As always, Killtron’s music is fun, eclectic, and makes you want to roller-skate. Her vibrant style and lush upbeat take on modern boogie and ’80s-inspired funk have landed her features in national media and appeared in episodes of Broad City, Kim’s Convenience and more. In addition to her solo work, she is a collaborator, writer, producer and touring violinist/vocalist for artists like The Arkells and Haviah Mighty — and she is one of the voices of Eggo Waffles.

With its mix of boogie, funk, string quartet and yacht rock, Persimmon is a definitive coming–of-a-certain-age for the Toronto native. The eclectic feel-good record came as a result of our collective pandemic upheaval, with tracks that highlight frustration with the state of affairs and the need to break the mold and leave problematic institutions behind.

“The entire album is a love letter to perseverance,” Killtron says. “I wrote in the album closer Persimmon ‘took the long way round, found the middle, stood my ground’ — which I certainly did in creating this record. The album is also a testament to friendship. There are over 200 years of collective friendship in this album between new collaborations and the long list of contributing producers and musicians. Keep your people close and good things happen.”

Check out Do It Again above, sample more from Maya Killtron below, and skate over to her website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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