Babyshades | Summerhearts: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Toronto psyche-rockers move heaven and earth in their dreamy new track.

Babyshades are truly out of this world on their latest single and video Summerhearts — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The sophomore single from the psychedelic Toronto outfit, the wonderfully woozy Summerhearts is a hazy dream of love and loss that floats past on a reverb-soaked pillow of lush sonics — muted thumping drums, loosely strummed guitars, swelling keyboards and vocals delicately perched on the edge of falsetto, plaintively intoning surreal lyrics that take us from summer fields to crimson skies and on up to the heavens. The accompanying video is a match made in … well, you know, gliding between shots of the performers in action al fresco and singer-guitarist (and director) Ryan Thompson, who floats through space in a vintage car — shades of Elon Musk — lit by a glowing red interior. “Up in heaven and what you say?” he asks rhetorically. “We all walk in our own way.”

Indeed they do. One spin of Babyshades is all it takes to know that they put their best foot foward by concentrating on tone, texture and melody-rich songwriting. Formed and founded by Thompson in 2019, their soundscapes truly began to crystallize when he tapped longtime friend and collaborator RAZ to join the group as a guitarist, keyboard player, and producer. Rounded out by keyboardist Jeff McClellan, bassist Michael Novalski and Brian Murray on drums, Babyshades released their debut single Corey this summer, introducing listeners to their intoxicating, kaleidoscopic sound. They are currently working in the studio and preparing to return to the stage.

Watch Summerhearts above, listen to Corey below, and visit Babyshades at their website, Facebook and Instagram.